InmateAID Discount Telephone

Turn $15.00 calls into $1.75 calls. 

We don't replace the prison phone company, we make the calls cheaper by getting you a local line for your inmate to call. Our service saves long distance charges by providing a local line. 

The service will ONLY save you money if you are currently using long distance to speak with your inmate.

Only $19.95 per month
additional lines only $12.95
Pay Monthly get 300 minutes/month

Pay Quarterly get 1000 minutes/month


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the InmateAID Discount Phone Service, or you can speak with a customer service representative by calling 

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What exactly is an InmateAid phone line?

InmateAid is able to provide you with a local number near your loved one’s facility. Most often inmates are located in correctional institutions that are considered long distance from you.  Because of this prison phone providers are able to charge long distance telephone rates.

InmateAid can provide local telephone numbers near most facilities; this means your inmate will be placing a local call instead of long distance and they will avoid paying crazy long distance telephone rates - savings that are only possible by having a local number.

How much money will the InmateAid phone service save?

The savings vary from each state and even from facility to facility. They are determined by how much the prison phone provider charges for long distance telephone calls. The savings can be as much as 90% but are typically less than that.

Does the InmateAid phone service replace the prison/jail phone service?

NO. InmateAid only provides a local number that is forwarded to your current phone line. It can be a cell number or a land line. The rates being charged by the phone companies working with the prisons are unbelievably high. The only way to beat them is to have a local line so that the cost per call is at the lowest per-minute rate they offer.

Regardless of the outbound calling format (whether GlobalTel, Securus or IC Solutions), you have to fund the prison account for the inmate to call out. However, it is cheaper for an inmate to call a "local number" than a "long distance number". We are simply providing a LOCAL NUMBER, not replacing the prison telephone service provider.

Can InmateAid save my inmate money if they are in a county or local jail?

Yes, InmateAid can help you if your loved one is in a county or local jail and can provide you with local numbers in most cases. Long distance call costs from inmates are very high. Using the local number we provide can help you save up to 70% on each jail call.

Many people assume if the area codes are the same as the jail facilities the call will be local but quite often the call will be considered long distance.

Can InmateAid save my inmate money if they are in a federal prison?

Yes, InmateAid can help you if your loved one is in a federal prison and can provide you with local numbers in most cases. Local calls from ALL federal prisons are 6 cents per minute. Long distance call cost 23 - $1.00 per minute. The inmates are allowed 300 minutes per month; the difference to the inmates calling account is $18 for local calls versus $69 - $300 for long distance. The fee InmateAid charges for the local line is offset by the HUGE cost spread.

If I have an account with Global Tel Link, Securus, IC Solutions or others where I have to pay them first, then pay them again to use your number?

The number that you opened the first account with is a long distance number. When your inmate calls from the prison or jail, the time of the call is charged the long distance rate. When you get a LOCAL number from InmateAid, you will have to establish a new account with the service.  You are going to be paying a substantially lower rate with this line than the long distance line.

Since you are pre-paying the prison phone service for your inmate (i.e. Securus, IC Solutions, Global Tel Link, ITI), you will have to treat this new LOCAL number as a NEW ACCOUNT with them as they will not allow you to move money from the old number to the new number.

Why do the services like Global Tel Link or Securus tell us your service is a scam?

Simple, we are the only way around the system that they operate to maximize the most profit from people forced to use their service. There is no other alternative.  To beat their criminal pricing, you need a LOCAL line.  If your line is already local we will NOT be able to save you money. If it is LONG DISTANCE, this service will save you money. Our price to secure a LOCAL telephone line is the lowest in the industry.

FCC Inmate Telephone Calling - NOTICE OF PROPOSED RULE MAKING - December 24, 2013