Vocational Services

We will be adding information and articles on Vocational Services pertaining to job training and job placement.  We will have a guide as to what to expect during an interview, how to handle the question of your incarceration and many other helpful hints like resume writing. 

Our content comes from and is collected from many websites, businesses, government advocacy agencies, hiring services and media outlets that publish stories on employment.

Check back in a few days, the information will be installed and uploaded shortly.

Ky. program targets jail's revolving-door offenders
Under the program, a team of as many as eight people will place inmates most at risk of re-arrest in a publicly funded apartment and provide 24-hour support as long as needed.Michael Stults panhandles in Louisville, Ky. on December 5.(Photo: Aaron Borton, The (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-Journal)Chris Kenning, The Courier-Journal -January…
Life looking up for ex-inmate; 22-year-old's experiences show highs, lows of system
RECORD SEARCHLIGHT FILE PHOTO  -  Aaron Betancourt, 22, right, shown with Randy Cates, 39, fill out job applications earlier this year at the Mt. Shasta Mall in Redding. Both men were among the first prison inmates to return to Shasta County under the state's public safety realignment planBy Jim Schultz…
Standards For Hiring People With Criminal Records
The Unfair Roadblock: More and more employers are conducting criminal background checks on job applicants, which can make it much more difficult for the millions of Americans with criminal records to find employment and become productive, law-abiding members of society. Most states allow employers to refuse to hire people with…