Hi how are U I have a brother that's in Wade correction center judge Dozer and he has passed away sentenced him to 35 years in prison for 2 attempts of robbery and 3 robberies. I myself do not think it was right he went to jail in 2000 and they just keep shipping him I personally don't think it was right. He was getting a mental check and I don't think judge Black shouldn't of gave him that long in prison. My question is, is there anyway that I could do something about that he has been in there for 16 yrs now I just think 16 yrs is enough and how do I go by trying to get them to overturn his 35 yrs

Last Updated: November 15,2018
Ask the inmate answer
Yes, sixteen years is a lot of time, but the offender's criminal history is long, too. In our opinion, and we are not lawyers, unless there is some new evidence that will compel the judge to reopen the case we do not think there is ANY chance that this will get overturned - especially without some very good reason.

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