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Reviewed on: May 17,2016

How can I communicate with my girlfriend in Harrison County Jail MS?

My girlfriend is in Harrison county jail in Gulfport Mississippi and I can't find a way to contact her to find out about her court dates visitation or anything

Asked: May 10,2016
Ask the inmate answer
The Harrison County Jail in Gulfport Mississippi is run similar to most county jails in this county. InmateAid's services will work very well in accommodating your desire to communicate with your girlfriend. We recommend you set up an Inmate Profile Page for her. Once it is set up, simply click "Letter to Inmate" and type out your message. You may upload as many photos as you'd like and then send it. Our system syncs her profile to your account making communication easy and very convenient. You can write her from your smartphone at any time of the day or night. If you are going to be speaking to her by telephone, send us your telephone number and we will give you an honest estimate of the savings (if any).
Accepted Answer Date Created: May 11,2016

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