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Reviewed on: March 25,2018

How can I help someone prove innocent I have no financial support and he got set up .for simple drug charges the system gives murder charges less than 10 yrs wat can I do

Asked: March 22,2018
Ask the inmate answer

At what point in the process is he in? Has he make a plea, is this in trial or going to trial? If he has not advanced to those stages he is entitled to a lawyer AND and investigator paid for by the state or feds (if a federal trial). Yes, an investigator... most people don't know you get the benefit of this too. If you have information feed an investigator you might be able to pull off a minor miracle.

I got eight years for a computer crime, no money was lost, no criminal history... the system is not fair but once you're stuck in it, you have to look at your best options because something negative is about to happen.

Accepted Answer Date Created: March 23,2018

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