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Reviewed on: June 17,2016

How does a inmate go for a reduce sentence while he is in a state prison?

how does a inmate go for a reduce sentence for himself while he is in a state prison? He doesn't have money for a lawyer . he was convicted on a sex crime class A.

Asked: June 17,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Unfortunately, the only way for a state inmate to gain a reduction in their current sentence is to provide significant assistance in the prosecution of another crime. Also known as snitching. But there are risks to go along with the rewards (sentence reduction). We are not advocating this but it is an avenue. If you think that there were some legal mistakes or injustices, appeals and writs rarely win. And, there are very few post-conviction attorneys that are worth the money anyway. There
Accepted Answer Date Created: June 18,2016

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