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Reviewed on: October 09,2018

How does the phone service save money if you have to pay two companies?

I still do not understand how all this works. When I pay the $19.95 for phone calls is this the only charges I have to pay? Or do I pay this plus by minute to the correction phone account?

Asked: October 08,2018
Ask the inmate answer

You pay for the line and it is our knowledge of the system that allocates a phone number that you use with the prison phone company to save money. Sometimes there are no savings (we refund the deposit), other times there is a savings of $2-$4 per call, and the best we do is where some county jails are getting $15-25 per 15-minute call... our fee of $20 is covered by the savings. If you talk a lot, this is a MUST-have service. Email us for an honest estimate of the savings BEFORE you buy.

Accepted Answer Date Created: October 09,2018

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