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Reviewed on: October 07,2015

How long is visitation and on what days at riverbend correctional facility in Georgia? Is is in an open room? How long does it take for an inmate to see letters sent electronically? Thanks

Asked: April 20,2015
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Normally, there will be no restrictions placed on the length of visits during the facility's established visitation periods. However, certain situations that may affect the length of time for a visit. Below please find a general list of situations: • in order to have the offender in the visitation area during the mid-day count, visitors must arrive at the facility one (1) hour prior to the time that is designated by the Warden as the mid-day count. The mid-day count time shall be posted in all living areas and in the visitation room. • the shift supervisor has the authority to adjust the length of visitation times allotted to individual offenders, or to terminate visits, during times of overcrowding. • the shift supervisor may also terminate individual visits because of improper conduct or failure to abide by regulations. • if an offender has more than one visitor on a given day, individual visitors may be limited to a time of less than four (4) hours. • if overcrowding requires the termination of visits, offenders who had their visits begun first will normally be the first to have their visits terminated. However, such factors as relationships, frequency of visits, distance traveled, etc. will be taken into consideration. Visitors can only bring into the facility items identified by the facility (i.e., identification card, car keys) No food or drink will be brought into the facility from the outside other than bottled formula or like store-bought products for babies. Visitors will be allowed to bring a maximum of twenty dollars ($20.00) in coins to be used for the vending machines. Inmates do not have Internet access. InmateAid's service is not email; it is with the US Postal Service. We estimate that it takes 2-3 business days to make it to the jail. Once there, the staff opens and reads each piece of mail and inspects it for contraband. Once they decide the mail is fit to be handed out at mail call, your inmate will receive it. Any delay that occurs at the facility is out of our control. We make no guarantees as to how long it will take
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