if i pay for this service it won’t take any money out off of my inmates call card correct? because right now it’s charging him 1.36 to connect and 66 a minute to talk to me.

Last Updated: November 15,2018
Ask the inmate answer

If you have the InmateAid Discount Telphone Service, your inmate will still be charged for the calls, but instead of costing $1.36 to connect and $0.66 per minute to talk, the entire 15-minute call will only cost 21 cents per minute or $3.15... huge savings. This is the ONLY way to save on calls because no other company can deliver the actual call except the one with the contract, in this case, Securus. The savings per call (of about $8.00 per call) will pay the $19.95 fee from the savings on only THREE CALLS. In your case, it's a no brainer.

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