Reviewed on: December 18,2015

"If you are already local, we cannot save you money. - in most cases unless the carrier is Securus, NCIC or CityTeleCoin where the opposite occurs." Can you please further explain this? The jail does use Securus, and I do have a local number. My inmate told me to look into getting a long distance # to save money.

Asked: December 17,2015
Ask the inmate answer
That is EXACTLY what we are referring to in the language on our site. Securus has the whole thing backwards where local numbers or numbers within the same state are the most expensive calls. In your case, as your inmate has pointed out, you need a phone number from anywhere other than the state you are in. When you sign up, we do the leg work and match the numbers so that you are getting one that will drop the call price to $3.00 per 15-minutes vs. what you are paying now. Send us your number and the facility name - we will give you an honest estimate before you sign-up
Accepted Answer Date Created: December 18,2015

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