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is this service a telecoin is telling me there is no discounted calls

Asked: January 03,2017
Ask the inmate answer

Of course they are. We have served thousands of folks that have an inmate where CityTeleCoin has the contract.

InmateAid's Discount Telephone Service is not a replacement for the phone service at the jail, we provide a number that will make the calls cheaper when you use them.  We have found a number that is going to be more beneficial.

If you have received calls from your inmate already, you've seen the 318 area code on the caller ID. To get the lowest priced inmate calls, we get you a telephone number matching the rate center of Shreveport LA. Your inmate dials this number and it will ring on your current phone. You will need to register the Shreveport number with CityTeleCoin (just like you would your regular number without our service) who will charge you only for the local call. You cannot accept a collect call from the prison, those calls are $15.

STEP ONE: Give the 318 number to inmate. They are entitled to one free call. When you accept this call, City TeleCoin now knows you are willing to take an inmate's call.
STEP TWO: Call City TeleCoin (800-682-0707) and set up a prepaid telephone account using the 318 number and then add money. Again, InmateAid is not a replacement for CTC, the Shreveport number we provide will make the money at CTC last longer.
Another avenue to take is have your inmate buy calling cards from the commissary, you will not need to go online and set this up, the inmate can dial the local number direct with the card. InmateAid takes care of the long distance portion of the call. 

Their price for any call is $5-6 per call. With the Shreveport number, they only charge about $2 per call . The difference in two call prices is why people use the service. Please let us know if you need help getting started. 

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