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Reviewed on: August 15,2018

My husband has been in custody since May he first got housed at the honor farm in San Joaquin county then transfered to the pods then back to the farm and just a few days ago they put him in jail core and not one time did they tell him why. Can you?

Asked: August 13,2018
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We don't think our answer would be anything but a guess. The honor farm is the best level of custody for an inmate and something must have triggered a classification change and lose that sweet job set-up. There might have been an accusation against him that was proven false... which would explain him going back and forth between details. Or, he might have gone to court and needed a change of location to facilitate it... it could be so many things.  But we find it a little hard to believe that he knows nothing.

Accepted Answer Date Created: August 15,2018

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