Reviewed on: October 07,2015

my niece is in jail and I want to try to write her s hopefully eventually visit her. I wonder if she has a way to write back. Can I send her paper and stamps ? No idea how it all works. How long is a visit if she agrees to wanting me to come (could be embarrassment because of all she has stolen) but if she agrees to visit how does that work ? Can I hug her? Bring her food?

Asked: February 26,2015
Ask the inmate answer
Mail is considered sacred in a prison, detention center or jail. You cannot send stamps and other sundries through the mail, you can only send her money to her inmate trust account. When the inmate has money on their books, they buy the writing material and stamps at the commissary. There is also a program for indigent inmates at every facility where they supply paper, pencil, envelopes and stamps. Whether the inmate has money on their books or not, there is no reason why an inmate cannot keep in touch if they want. Visitation terms depend on the security level of the facility. Some visits are through Plexiglas and others are where you sit face-to-face with no contact and others where you can actually hug and give a welcome and goodbye kiss. Check with the unit secretary of the prison and ask them so that you will have the proper expectations and not be disappointed when you arrive.
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