Reviewed on: January 05,2019

My wife received her parole papers. The said she had to do a drug program. How do find out if it's on the street or inside?

My wife just got her parole papers they say she made parole but, it says she has to complete a drug program. How do we found out if it's on street or she has to remain locked up?

Asked: January 04,2019
Ask the inmate answer

Most likely it's a mix of both. The program will probably be in some reentry facility that will alternately offer the drug counseling but also job placement - where she works on the street but sleeps there at night... for a transition period leading to getting all the way home (remember there is a range of possibilities we are just speculating...). You may obtain all of that information as it will be on the Parole Report as approved by the Board.

Accepted Answer Date Created: January 05,2019

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