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Reviewed on: January 03,2018

So failed drug test while on swift court will they send rehab

Asked: January 03,2018
Ask the inmate answer

The Supervision with Immediate Enforcement (SWIFT) Court is a specialty court to address the needs of offenders to divert them from the full criminal justice process.This court was designed to reduce recidivism rates of drug participants. This was later applied to probation violators, especially those testing positive for illicit drugs.

If the failed drug test is their only violation, it's possible the judge will extend their probation, add some additional sanctions (community service) or counseling. However, they have probably given up any chance at an early termination.

A probation violation is serious business, and they might consider getting a good lawyer that operates daily in the Swift Court to avoid potentially getting hit with a jail sentence (that's no guarantee though). 

Accepted Answer Date Created: January 03,2018

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