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Inmates may call out to any number on their "approved call list". If you have a number that the jail does not accept, please contact us about getting a land line that will allow the calls to go through at the cheapest rate possible.
As you can see on the website, the actual price you pay for an in-state call from Lapeer County Jail is $21.34 per 15-minutes. An InmateAid number will make the same call only $3.15. You keep your account with Securus but use our number, not your current Michigan number. Inmate dials our number, it rings on your phone but costing $18 less than with yours.
The system will select the correct number for the lowest rates for the facility you select matching it to your current phone number. You will be emailed that number which will be immediately operational. One way to test it, is to dial the new number from another phone and listen for it ringing on your current phone number. The caller-ID should be the number we issued you. You can relay the new number using our mail service for free, just...
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Leavenworth Detention Center operated by CoreCivic, formerly CCA uses IC Solutions as their carrier. The rates are the lowest if your number is local to the facility. If you are out of state, we would provide a local Leavenworth number that you would register as your own and use until your inmate is released. 
You only need the name of the facility and your phone number. The inmate's name is not necessary.
Yes. The phone service at EVERY prison or jail is controlled by one company (there are 25 competing for the contract). They set the rates and you HAVE to use them. What InmateAid does is get a different phone number that we know will reduce the price (using their pricing model as our guide). In some cases, the local call is the cheapest, in others an out of state call is less than any number inside the same state (it's...
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It varies depending on the facility rules. If they are in county, there is no restriction. If they are in state or federal, there is an approval process that could take a couple days or a couple weeks.
The reception center has more strict guidelines for inmate calling. There is an orientation period (maybe 2 weeks) that has to be completed before the inmates may submit their call list to the administration for approval.
This is within the same state system - there will be virtually no down time unless he is starting the new bid in segregation which has phone privilege restrictions.