Reviewed on: June 21,2017

Visit inmate in a halfway house

My fiancé is at Fort Dix FCI, he is scheduled to be released to a half way house on 10-10-2017. Will he be able to have visits or passes to leave and see his family once he's at the half way house?

Asked: June 19,2017
Ask the inmate answer

Yes, you will be able to visit your fiancé in the halfway house. The visitation is very liberal and it's allowed on most days. After he gets settled, he will be assigned a counselor that will oversee his reentry. If he has a period of supervised release, he will meet with the person assigned to his case from US Probation. This is the hardest part of the process because these people are no joke. There will be drug testing, breathalyzers and many check-in points during all hours of the day and night. You mess up, you go back, immediately.

His goals will be to secure a job and transportation. Once he has approved employment he might become eligible for home confinement (usually within 2-3 weeks of arrival). He will wear a monitoring device and have nightly calls to make sure he is where he is supposed to be. He will call the halfway house when he leaves for work, when he gets to work, when he leaves for home and when he gets home. It's a lot to adhere to but it is 100% better than where he came from.

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