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Reviewed on: May 13,2016

When sentenced to federal prison, will they try to keep him close to home?

My son is in Federal holding awaiting sentence. When sentenced, (which will be lengthy) will they try to keep him close. Is there a way as his mother to ask to keep him close, as I do have health issues.

Asked: May 13,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Unfortunately, once an offender is given a BOP Inmate ID number, they are property of the United States Justice Department for the term of their Judgement and Commitment Order. The Pre-sentence Report will create a guideline that the Bureau of Prisons will ues in determining the custody level of the inmate. The length of sentence, criminal history, whether violence or a weapon was used in the crime make up a profile that they use to designate and inmate. Once that designation is handed down there are no changes. Inmates may apply for a transfer after nine months with a record clean of any incident report. Once they have determined the custody level, they have a finite number of facilities that fit the custody level. They do a pretty good job of finding the location closest to the inmate's family to make the visits easier.
Accepted Answer Date Created: May 14,2016

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