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Reviewed on: December 17,2019

Would i be able to come see someone in Broward jail without my name on the list

Asked: December 12,2019
Ask the inmate answer

Yes, you can come to any of the Broward County jails with a photo ID. Visitors must have proper / current photo identification. (NO IDENTIFICATION - NO VISIT)

  • Visitors must be on time.
  • Visitors must abide by the dress code.
  • Visitors may be subjected to a pat-down / frisk search and / or electronic search for the detection of contraband. Children must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.
  • Visitors cannot be on parole, probation, or work release without the prior written permission of the facility commander.
  • Visitors are not permitted to visit more than one inmate on any given day. An exception may be granted if the visitor is an immediate family member of more than one inmate confined in the facility. Other exceptions will be at the discretion of the facility commander.
  • Obscene actions or gestures will terminate the visit. If you are asked to leave please do so immediately.
  • Visitors are NOT permitted to pass/give any items to an inmate. (Violators are subject to arrest.)
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