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## New York State Prisons - Inmate Phone Calls ### New York Department of Corrections: Phone Calls **Prison Phone Provider for setting up prepaid accounts:** Value Added Communications: Set up prepaid accounts online at **Local and Long Distance calls: $0.72 per call** **Calls from any New York state prison to any U.S. number are charged the same rate. A local number is not needed.** *Rates subject to change and may not include applicable taxes. From the NY DOC website: **TELEPHONE CALLS** The Department’s “Call-Home” program allows inmates to make phone calls as a way to maintain contact with family and friends. The inmate may only call you collect. This means you will have to pay for the call. An inmate is only permitted to call persons on their approved telephone list and may only have up to 15 telephone numbers on their approved list at any time. Phone numbers may only be added or deleted at the request of the inmate. This is generally done on a quarterly basis when the inmate meets with his or her assigned Correction Counselor. If, however, you do not wish to receive telephone calls from an inmate, you need to notify the facility, in writing, and your name will be entered on the inmate’s Negative Correspondence and Telephone List. The inmate will be immediately notified in writing that you have been removed from his/her “Telephone List” and that disciplinary action may be taken if the telephone is used in any manner to contact you. In addition, your telephone number will be removed from the telephone system. According to the type of facility, inmates are generally permitted to make phone calls every day, including holidays, between the hours of 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. A schedule for phone calls will be established. Calls will automatically be terminated when the facility specific time limit has been reached, preceded by a warning. No call shall exceed 30 minutes. When other inmates are waiting to place calls, a 10 minute limit may be imposed. PROHIBITED CALLS: The following rules are some of the restrictions you should be aware of regarding calls made by inmates: No inmate may place a telephone call to the residence of a victim of the crime(s) for which he / she has been convicted, or is presently under indictment, regardless of whether immediate family members maintain the same residence, unless prior written authorization has been received from the Superintendent. No inmate may call the phone number of any person listed on a court Order of Protection which prohibits telephone communication; unless the order specifically states that the inmate is not prohibited from communication by phone with another person at that same phone number. Inmates are prohibited from making telephone calls for the purpose of harassing or intimidating any person. Staff and inmates are advised that such telephone calls may violate Federal and/or State laws. Facility Superintendents shall report serious and/or continuing telephone calls of this nature to the proper law enforcement authorities. Inmate telephone calls and telephone conversations are restricted to the telephone number dialed or otherwise placed by or for the inmate. Telephone call forwarding, third party phone calls, and calls to 1-800 numbers are prohibited. Inmates are also prohibited from placing calls to wireless communication devices (i.e., cellular or PCS phone, pagers, etc.). Inmates will be subject to disciplinary action should they violate these rules. PLEASE NOTE: All inmate telephone conversations are subject to electronic monitoring and/or recording by Department personnel.