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Father allegedly raped, beat twins kept in captivity for years

By Joshua Rhett Miller

A father in Minneapolis allegedly raped, starved and beat his twin daughters over the course of several years while keeping them chained to doors and beds — and even fathered two children with one of the girls, both of whom are disabled.

Jerry Lee Curry, 51, surrendered to authorities Wednesday, one day after being charged in Hennepin County District Court with first-degree criminal sexual conduct, abuse of a vulnerable adult, stalking and other crimes after leaving his adult twins — who are now in their early 20s — with injuries “clinically diagnostic of torture,” the Star Tribune reports.

Curry, according to a protective order, fathered two children by one of the twins, with births in June 2014 and October 2017. The woman revealed the extent of her abuse in an order for protection that was granted by a judge last June.

“I don’t remember having enough food,” she wrote. “He forced me to have sex, [and] he has done this to me every day since I was [in my] early teens or so … He did this to my sister also.”

The woman also said she had been “chained to the door and bed every day for as long as I can remember.”

She also endured regular threats of being killed and dumped in the trash until her twin sister escaped and fled to a friend’s home, where she called police in May.

“It [feels] so good today to not be chained to the bed,” the woman continued.

Authorities said Curry’s abuse was motivated by one of his daughters becoming sexually active and his belief that they were eating too much food. The twin who gave birth suffers from a “mild to moderate” level of intellectual disability while the other woman is even more intellectually diminished, behaving like a 6- to 7-year-old child, according to a criminal complaint.

The twin who was not impregnated told authorities that Curry repeatedly chained her by the ankle to her parents’ bedroom door “to prevent her from seeing men” and to deny her food. The abuse would sometimes last for days and Curry would severely beat her while she was chained. The woman said her twin suffered the same abuse.

A review of the women’s injuries revealed that one had a “largely detached” left ear and scars to her forehead, scalp and back, wounds she said she received from being beaten by Curry with a bat and a paddle.

The twice-impregnated teen said Curry “routinely raped” her when her mother was not at home, sometimes with fists, bats and brooms. DNA samples taken from Curry and the woman have confirmed that Curry is both the father of her daughter and the biological father of the twins, according to the criminal complaint.

One of the twins said she was sometimes chained while naked and forced to lie in pools of her own feces and urine — and those chains were so tight, she nearly lost both legs to gangrene, according to an order of protection.

Curry — who also abused the mother of the victims, according to the order of protection — is even accused of forcing one of the twins to assault the other.

Police are trying to locate the mother of the twins. Her father said he had not seen her for at least a month.

Curry, who has previous convictions for drunken driving and assault, remains held on $750,000 bail ahead of his first court appearance, scheduled for Thursday.

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