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InmateAid cannot save you money with the facilities at the New Jersey Department of Corrections. Their local rates are the same price as the long distance rates, $.33 per minute.

For more information, please see the GTL Web site at

  • Rate for inmate calls is $0.33 per minute.
  • All calls are subject to recording and/or monitoring, except for legal, AIDS hotline and Ombudsman calls.
  • Inmates have an approved calling list of 10 telephone numbers, excluding any legal telephone numbers.
  • For security reasons, calls to cellular, business or non-traditional telephone service numbers are not permitted.

Types of calling:
Collect calling (where the called party pays for the call)
Debit calling (where inmate pays for the call)

Types of Billing:
Collect: the called party has a contracted telephone company (e.g. Verizon) and can accept collect calls up to the threshold limits

Advance pay: where the called party sets up an account with GTL (because he or she is not authorized to receive collect calls or have blocks on his or her lines)

Debit: for inmates to purchase calling time by submitting a business remit to the business office at their assigned facility

GTL imposes daily and monthly collect call thresholds. The month begins on the day the called party accepted the first call from an inmate. Once a customer has met his or her threshold limit, the number then becomes blocked. The customer can contact GTL to set up an Advance Pay Account and/or the inmate can chose to use his or her debit account to place a call.

Threshold limits are as follows:
$35.00 per day
$200.00 per month

Billing Contact:
The called party should contact GTL should there be a problem with his or her advance pay account; if there is a block on his or her line; or if he or she wants to set up an advance pay account. The following are GTL telephone numbers:

1-800-483-8314 automated system
1-866-230-7761 live representative
1-877-650-4249 billing & blocking