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Radical Solution Systems

Radical Solution Systems

Radical Solution Systems charges $15 per call or MORE for a long distance call from the jail. You are reading this because you are looking for a better way to stay in touch.

InmateAid does NOT replace the Radical Solution Systems service; it just makes the calls through them cheaper by making the call LOCAL.

We have two plans, both cost you $19.95. Month to month, you get 300 minutes per month. If you pay quarterly, you get 1000 minutes per month. Additional lines are only $12.95 per month and you get the same amount of minutes.

COST COMPARISON - Why this makes sense...

15 minutes long distance call is $17.30

15 minutes LOCAL call is $2.30

Get an InmateAid LOCAL line for $19.95

300 long distance mins (20 calls) costs you $346 a month

300 local mins with InmateAid costs $46 + $16.95 = $65.95

YOU SAVE $280.05 per month; $3,360.60 per YEAR

Read this telling article about the "Criminal Cost of Talking to a Loved One Behind Bars" and where Radical Solution Systems fits into the story.

Here's what you'll need to do -

Preferred Option: Have your inmate purchase calling cards within the commissary for $10 EACH. Give your inmate the new local line and they will be able to call you direct and basically by-passing the need to deal with Radical Solution Systems altogether.

If your inmate does not have the benefit of a calling card option within the commissary, then you will need to prepay the account at: 866-490-5496