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Coffee County
Private Facility

GDC - Coffee Correctional Facility - CCA is classed as a medium security facility. It has a strengthened perimeter fence and electronic detection systems to ensure inmates stay within the facility. To help inmates prepare themselves to rejoin the wider community, GDC - Coffee Correctional Facility - CCA offers a wide range of work and treatment programs.

Facility Details

1153 North Liberty Street
PO Box 650

Nicholls , GA 31554
Extra Information
This facility is for adult inmates.

GDC - Coffee Correctional Facility - CCA - Visitation
GDC - Coffee Correctional Facility - CCA - Inmate Rule Book
GDC - Coffee Correctional Facility - CCA - Handbook for Family & Friends of Inmates

Customer base: State of Georgia


HOURS: 9:00AM TO 3:00PM
DAYS: Alternated Visitation Days (Saturday M-Z; Sundays A-L); State Holidays


Ensure public safety and effectively house offenders while operating a safe and secure facility. Also operate an efficient, adult male, medium security institution, to provide a safe, secure humane environment for the offenders in which rehabilitation is a primary goal and to provide an atmosphere and opportunities for successful reintegration into society through use of discipline, constructive classification, education, employment training and social programs.


Consists of 8 buildings (five open dorms and three two-man cells dorms) and one segregation/isolation unit.


  • Academic:Adult Basic Education, General Education Diploma, Literacy Remedial
  • Counseling:Motivation For Change, Family Violence, Matrix Early Recovery, Matrix Relapse Prevention, Moral Reconation Therapy, Thinking for Change, Re-Entry Skills Building, Mental Health Intensive Program
  • Recreation:General Recreation Activities
  • Religious Activities:Various Faith-Based Programs and the Life Principles Community Program
  • Vocational/OJT:Masonry, Carpentry, Computer, Horticulture, Commercial Driving