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The John R. Lindsey State Jail - MTC is a medium security facility located in Jacksboro, TX, and is a state prison in the Texas Department of Corrections. As a medium security facility, it has a strengthened perimeter fence, rolls and rolls of razor wire and electronic detection systems to ensure inmates stay within the confined areas within the facility. To help inmates prepare themselves to rejoin the wider community, the State offers a wide r ange of work and treatment programs. The medium classification means that the inmates are supervised 24/7 with controlled movements. Medium and security prisons house more serious offenders, but inmates can also be sent to serve time in a lower security facilities for good behavior nearing the end of their sentence. The John R. Lindsey State Jail - MTC provides meaningful work opportunities through correctional industries and institutional support. In addition, they also provide educational opportunities, cognitive behavioral treatment, anger management and reintegration activities which assists in returning inmates to society as a more productive citizen. The Texas DOC has quality physical and mental health care and supportive education in an efficient and cost effective manner. This facility is part of the private prison partnership companies that are the providers of correctional, detention, and community reentry services with hundreds of facilities, and a couple hundred thousand beds. They may own the actual facility or manage the property on behalf of the local, state or federal government agency on a contract basis. They commit inmates and then pay a monthly or daily rate for each prisoner confined in the facility.  Their goal is to serve those assigned to their care through a wide range of diversified services including the design, construction and financing of state and federal prisons, detention centers, community reentry facilities, and other special needs institutions as well as the provision of community supervision services, with cutting-edge electronic monitoring technologies. Federal and state government has a long history of contracting out specific services to private firms, including medical services, food preparation, vocational training, and inmate transportation. As the prison population has expanded from new immigration initiatives and the "war on drugs" from the 80s the governments' increased use of incarceration has caused prison overcrowding and an ever-increasing burden on local, state, and federal governments to control costs. 

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