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MA DOC - Massachusetts Correctional Institution (MCI) - Concord

State Prison

Last Updated: October 16,2019

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General Visitation Information

Massachusetts Correctional Institution (MCI) - Concord - Visitation

Visiting Hours

For holiday visiting schedules and to verify normal visiting schedules, which are subject to change, please call the facility to verify at the phone number at the top of the page.

Visiting Hours - Last name beginning with A-L

1:00 pm-3:45 pm

Wednesday - Friday:
1:00 pm-8:30 pm

6:30 pm-8:30 pm

Visiting Hours - Last name beginning with M-Z

6:30 pm-8:30 pm

Wednesday - Friday:
1:00 pm-8:30 pm

1:00 pm-3:45 pm

HOLIDAY VISITING SCHEDULE: A special visiting schedule shall be applicable during specific holidays. The following are the only holidays that this schedule shall apply to:

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
  • Presidents' Day
  • Patriot's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veteran's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Visits will not be extended due to a late Count or the late arrival of a visitor. Visitors that arrive later than a half-hour (30 minutes) after the scheduled time of the visit will not be processed.
Las visitas no seran extendida por un conte tarde de la visitador. Visitadores que llegan mas tarde que 30 minutos despues del procesos de visitas no seran acceptadas.

To make an appointment you must contact the Special Management Unit Sergeant at 1-978-405-6100 extension 181, Sunday through Thursday, from 3:00 pm until 11:00 pm. No scheduling of appointments will be made on Fridays or Saturdays.


  • Visitors are not allowed on state property until one (1) hour before the visiting period begins. Visitors are to leave the institution at the end of their visiting period and are not to loiter on state property. There are no exceptions. Visitors who fail to comply with this directive may lose their visiting privileges.
    Visitantes solo están permitidos a entrar en propiedad estatal una hora antes del periodo de visitas. Visitantes deben de abandonar la propiedad estatal tan pronto el periodo de visita haya culminado sin merodear. No hay excepciones. Visitante que no obedezcan estas reglas estarán sujetos a perder el privilegio de visitas.
  • Each inmate may receive three (3) visits per week during the hours scheduled below.
    Cada preso tiene permitido recibir 3 visitas por semana durante el horario señalado debajo.
  • Two (2) adults are allowed per visit. Any subject fourteen (14) years of age or older is considered an adult visit for seating purposes only.
    Se permiten dos adultos por visita. Cualquier sujeto mayor de 14 anos esta considerado como un adulto, solo para propósito de asiento.
  • Visits are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Las visitas son procesadas en forma cronológica. Quien llegue primero entrara primero.
  • The visitor processing window shall be open approximately thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled visiting times, and shall close approximately thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled end of the visiting period. Visitors shall be processed only during these times. Visitors that have not been processed through the Pedestrian Trap thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled end of the visiting period, shall not be allowed to enter the institution.
    La ventana del cuarto donde se procesan las visitas abrirán aproximadamente 30 minutos previos al horario de visitas y cerraran 30 minutos antes de que el periodo de visitas termine. Visitas solo serán procesadas durante el tiempo en que la ventana esta abierta.
  • No visitors will be allowed through the Pedestrian Trap area between the hours of 2:40 pm and 3:05 pm due to change of shift activity. Only those visitors that already had visiting slips submitted and processed at the time the Pedestrian Trap closed will be processed when the Pedestrian Trap reopens.
    No se permitirá a ningún visitante salir de la sala de visitas de 2:40 a 3:04 debido al cambio de turno. Solo aquellos visitante que ya tengas sus papeles de visitas procesados serán permitidos en la sala de visitas cuando esta reabra sus puertas luego del cambio de turno.
  • Smoking is prohibited on state property. This includes the parking lot area.
    El fumar cigarrillos es prohibido en propiedad estatal, incluyendo los estacionamientos.
  • Visitors wishing to provide an inmate with funds may do so by mailing in a money order through the U.S. Postal Service or using the mailbox in the lobby. The mailbox in the lobby is not to be used for inmate correspondence. Any letters found in the mailbox will be discarded.
    size="1" Aquellos visitantes que deseen proveer a los encarcelados con fondos monetarios pueden hacerlo por vía del correo o pueden usar la caja de correo localizada en el vestíbulo. Dinero en efectivo o cheques personales no deben ser mandados. La caja de correo en el vestíbulo es únicamente para fondos monetarios, cartas o notas serán descartadas.
  • Visitors with infants may only bring in one small receiving blanket, a pacifier and/or a clear plastic bottle filled with milk or water.
    Visitantes con infantes solo podrán entrar una sabana pequeña, un chupete y/o un biberón plástico con leche o agua.
  • Any visitor that leaves the visiting room for any reason, (ie; bathroom, etc.) shall not be allowed to return to the visiting room for that visiting period.
    Cualquier visitante que salga de la sala de visitas ya sea para ir al baño o cualquier otra cosa no podrá volver a entrar por el resto de ese periodo de visitas.
  • No property will be allowed to enter the facility with a visit. Inmates must purchase property items through the Canteen.
    No se le permitirá traer ningún tipo de propiedad a la sala de visitas. Los encarcelados deben comprar artículos de propiedad en la cantina.
  • Visitors that wish to pick up an inmate's property that has been designated as contraband, or that the inmate wants removed from the institution, shall be allowed to do so through the Property Sergeant during the following times only: Tuesday/Thursday 4:00 - 4:30 PM.
    Visitantes que quieran obtener propiedad de los encarcelados clasificada como contrabando, o propiedad que el encarcelado quiera fuera de la institución, pueden hacerlo vía el sargento de propiedad durante el siguiente horario solamente: Martes/Jueves 4:00 - 4:30 PM.

Visitation Rules(Security)

MA DOC - Rules by Security

Prior to any visitor being denied entrance, the Shift Commander shall be notified for approval. A visitor who is denied entrance shall, if he/she chooses, be allowed to leave the institution, correct his/her clothing and come back during the same day to visit as defined in 103 CMR 483.15, however, repeat violations shall be documented and after the third warning the Superintendent may suspend the visitor's visiting privileges.

A. The following items are NOT ALLOWED:

1. Boots worn above the knee (exception - boots below the knee shall be permitted October 15 - April 15);
2. Work boots shall never be permitted;
3. Bare feet;
4. Bathing suits, shorts, any clothing with excessive pockets, metal, drawstrings, excessively baggy or tight clothing, hooded clothing, sheer, excessively revealing or transparent clothing, bodysuits of any type or wrap around shirts. (Children age 8 and younger may wear shorts.);
5: With the exception of undergarments, spandex or spandex type clothing is not allowed;
6. Any clothing that displays a gang affiliation or is in any way attributable to gang culture; additionally, clothing that is obscene, racist or displays sexual content is not allowed;
7. Any clothing similar to that issued to an inmate or uniformed personnel, to include nursing scrubs,
. police, postal and utility (Class A active military uniforms are allowed);
8. Fatigue or camouflage clothing;
9. Double layered clothing on the bottom half of the person (e.g. two (2) pairs of pants, or skirt and slacks);
10. Bibbed clothing of any type: shorts, dress, pants, overalls, jumpers etc. (allowable for age 8 and younger);
11. Hair accessories that cannot be easily removed to be searched;
12. Bobby pins, barrettes and ribbons;
13. Umbrellas, jackets, coats, vests or outerwear of any type. Exceptions may be made for those facilities where visitors have to travel outside to get to the visiting area. An area may be designated to store/hang these items not accessible to the visitor and inmate during the visit;
14. Male visitors may not wear any type of blue or black jeans into an institution that incarcerates males. Female visitors may not wear any type of blue or black jeans into an institution that incarcerates females (allowable for 8 years old or younger);
15. Earrings, facial/body jewelry, necklaces, bracelets and watches are not allowed. The only exception regarding jewelry is a traditional engagement ring/wedding band, religious medallion and medical alert jewelry;
16. Dresses, skirts and skirt slits shall not exceed three (3) inches above the knee when standing. No wrap-around style skirts are allowed unless worn for religious reasons;
17. Tank tops, halter tops, muscle shirts, or clothing that reveals the midriff or excessively exposes the back. Tube tops of any type are not allowed. Sleeveless clothing is not allowed unless covered by an article of clothing, such as a sweater, that shall not be removed;
18. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, wind pants and exercise clothing (allowable for age 8 and younger);
19. Clothing with zippers that go the full length of the garment with the exception of outerwear (allowable for age 8 and younger);
20. Colored T-shirts are allowed. T-shirts with offensive logos are not allowed;
21. Leg warmers;
22. Hats and head coverings of any type, unless worn for religious or medical reasons; however they must be searched prior to entering the institution;
23. No electronic communication devices (e.g., cell phones, electronic devices)or those capable of storing information are allowed.

24. No wearing or possession of any type of glitter make-up materials to include Chap Stick or lip balms, facial make-up, nail polish, eye shadow etc.

B. Dress Requirements for all Visitors:

1. Undergarments must be worn;
2. Clothing shall not be ripped, torn, have holes or missing buttons.

C. Exceptions to the Dress Code:

1. Sweaters may be worn;
2. Hairpieces (i.e., toupees, wigs, extensions, weaves) may be worn but must be searched. It is the visitor's responsibility to inform the officer that he/she is wearing a hairpiece during the search processing;
3. Garments with elastic waists may be worn.
4. Jackets or blazers may be worn as part of a suit or outfit by students participating in a clinical/internship program.

Allowable items

Infants - Visitors entering with infants will be allowed to enter with the following items:
• Two (2) clear plastic bottles with either formula, milk, water or juice, one empty sippy cup, two infant diapers and infant wipes in a clear plastic bag, one (1) receiving blanket, (1) pacifier, two (2) plastic sealed jars/pouches of baby food, (1) plastic spoon and one (1) bib.

Medication and or Medical Devices
• Visitors who maintain life-saving medication or who utilize medical devices to include: nitroglycerine, inhalers, and glucose tablets, automatic implantable cardioverter/defibrillator and/or pacemaker, wheelchairs, prosthetic devices, insulin pumps, casts, braces, medically necessary shoes, canes, walkers, guide dogs etc., or requiring the use of oxygen tanks shall obtain prior approval from the Superintendent to visit with such medication/device(s).

• The visitor shall submit written evidence signed by a medical doctor documenting the need for such device(s) to the Superintendent for review. Written evidence shall include an anticipated end date for the use of all devices that are necessary for a limited time period (e.g. cane, cast) due to temporary medical conditions.
• Once substantiated, the Superintendent shall provide written approval to allow the visitor to enter the institution with the device(s); the Superintendent shall authorize an alternate search if deemed appropriate due to the visitor being unable to submit to a metal detection search due to physical limitations or the presence of the device(s).
• The visitor shall be required to declare the device(s) and produce the written approval by the Superintendent every time they visit. If an alternative search is approved, the visitor shall be subject to a personal search every time they visit the institution.
• If this is a first time visit to a correctional facility by the visitor, the Shift Commander shall be notified for authorization to enter with the necessary device(s) provided the visitor has agreed to a personal search prior to entering. This one time approval shall be documented via an incident report and made available to processing staff. The visitor shall be advised that they must obtain the required approval prior to their next visit.
• Visitors who have life-saving medication shall keep it on their person at all times.
• The officer shall note all medication or medical device(s) upon entry on the visiting form and verify upon exit of the visiting room.