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Is there a process within the prison that holds a letter back a few days longer? If a letter took 3 days from my place to the much longer does it take to get into the prisoners hand?

There is nothing normal or standard behind the wall. The staff opens all of the mail, they inspect for contraband and they even will read the letters for content. Some even have "state laws" that require the mail held for up to 2 weeks. You will just have to be patient and understand that the control element of prison is the hardest part for anyone to adjust to - even for those on the outside.

If I get free collect calls on my house phone do I still have to add money

Yes, the prisons have contracts with carriers where they share revenue for all outbound calling. You will have to fund that account either as a pre-pay account or get calling cards for your inmate who buys them at the commissary. Our service makes those calls cheaper by getting a local telephone number for the inmate to use. When they call the local number the carrier charges ONLY for a local call - InmateAid covers the long distance portion which is the biggest part of the charge.


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