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Will he at least be able to communicate with inmate aid and straight to us.

Most inmates do not have access to the Internet or email, they receive letters through the US Mail. Mail call is done Monday through Friday only. Inmates that have money on their inmate trust accounts can purchase stamps and envelopes at the weekly commissary. If they do not have money on their books, the prison will provide indigent inmates with all the materials necessary to send out mail to their loved ones. If your inmate writes to you directly, using your address, the cost of the mailing is a 49 cent stamp. Many of our members use the Inmate Response Mail service through InmateAid. Your inmate would write you back to the return address on the letters which are to the InmateAid corporate offices in Florida. We receive the letters on your behalf, scan them into your My Account section and notify you by email that they are waiting for your review. There is a charge of $1.49 for this service. The people that use this service like the security and privacy this service provides them.

Is conjugal visit allowed in San Joaquin county jail?

No, conjugal visits are largely a myth. There are some state prison systems that allow it for inmates with long sentences but there are no county jails allowing it.


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