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Subject: Inmate mail
I wrote some sexually explicit stories in an email I sent. Will that get through to the inmate or will it be confiscated?

If it is only sexually explicit stories, we want to thank you on behalf of the inmate. This is a really nice ting you are doing. We applaud your efforts and it will make it to the inmate. The only thing that they are scrutinizing in the mail room is if people are communicating about a current criminal case or related to the case that got them incarcerated, business related (not supposed to run a business while incarcerated), threatening language, terrorist-style rants or things related to bringing in contraband or mention of escape.

Subject: Inmate mail
Why does my son have no profile no info no picture??

The InmateAid Inmate Profiles are created by the Member/Users of the site. If you need help getting this set up correctly, please send us your inmate's name and other information and we'll notify you when it's ready to use.

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