Help an incarcerated loved one:
Find an Inmate

Find an Inmate

Search for incarcerated loved ones already in our system. If you cannot find the inmate you are looking for, you can add an inmate profile for them yourself & add interests, modify their wishlist, add photos, and more!

Find a Prison or Jail

Find a Prison or Jail

Use the form below to search for federal prisons, county jails, or city lockups.

Send Inmate Money

Send an Inmate Money

Sending money into a prison is not always easy. Many times it requires a trip to the grocery store, a check-cashing store or some physical location where these transactions can take place. InmateAid makes this service available to you on the web.

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Send Inmate Books

Send an Inmate Books

Keep your inmate occupied with their favorite book titles and authors year round from InmateAID.

You don't even have to leave your house! InmateAID has made buying a book for your inmate as easy as a click of the mouse. We have partnered with, the world's largest bookseller!

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Send Magazines

Send Magazines

Inmates that receive magazines are quite popular, they are shared and create camaraderie.

Choose from thousands of magazine titles from entertainment, sports, fitness, technology and news.

InmateAID makes getting great subscription rates simple, all from one website!

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Send Mail & Photos

Send Mail & Photos

Inmates Look Forward to Mail Call!

InmateAID makes sending letters and photos from your smartphone or PC to nearly any prison or jail so easy.

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Phone Service

Discount Phone Service

Get a phone number closer to the prison so your inmate can dial a local number instead of calling long-distance and start saving $100s per month!

Turn a $15 phone call into $1.75!

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New Inmate Profile

Create a New Inmate Profile

Create a personal profile page for your inmate that includes release date, pictures, a wish list and more.

Then all friends and family can easily send money, write a letter, send photos, books, magazines or newspapers to their location.

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