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My boyfriend just got transferred to South Mississippi Correctional Institution, how long will it take for for him to get me on a phone list so that he can call me.

It might be as soon as a few hours, but it could also take a couple of weeks. There are variables that could make either scenario true, we just don't have enough information. For instance, was the inmate transferred within a similar system? If so, it might be no time at all. If it's a new system, then there is an A & O period that would make it many days before phone lists are able to be updated.

Im 12 weeks pregnant my boyfriend was booked in for violation of probation but had a gun on him and was charges with paraphenalia when he went to court he plead guilty they told him he could look at 16 month in prison his ex-girlfriend is willing to remove her charges what can happen now would that make a difference?

The violation of probation for the gun charge will trump any and all withdrawal of charges levied by his ex-girlfriend. A probation violation with a gun in a mandatory minimum sentence of five years. He will do the balance of his sentence plus the gun charge.


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