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I don't understand how the discount telephone service works as I'm in the same city already as my sister(inmate). please explain.

If your telephone number is local to the jail, then our service will not benefit you. The service at the jail has a contract making them the sole provider for outbound inmate calls. In most cases, a long distance call from the jail is more expensive than a local call. We get folks who are out of town a local number (that rings on their current phone, changing nothing). The phone provider for the jail will ONLY charge for the local call - InmateAid pays for the long distance portion cutting out the majority of the cost of the call. The difference in the two per-call prices is why people use our service. We can match your number to the jail and see for sure if you are local or long distance before signing up.

Is Bayou Doorcheat a good jail, cause the things I have heard isnt so good

All jails and prisons are tough. The experience is up to the inmate and how they deal with other inmates. If they are mouthy or confrontational, this is going to be a long, rough bid. If the inmate is willing to let the small stuff slide,go about their business and keep to a routine bothering no one, then it will be smooth sailing. Some of the prisons with the worst reputations are not hard on every inmate. Reputation is about "past incidents", not what is currently going on - anything can change. Prisons that have a good reputation today could be really bad 4 years from now. It's all about the inmates, not the prison.


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