About InmateAid

About Inmate Aid

InmateAid.com is the most convenient and comprehensive web portal created exclusively for the friends and family members of the incarcerated whom are currently serving prison time in the United States penal system or their respective state correctional facilities. This portal will be your one-stop solution for moral and financial support, news, advocacy services, legal assistance and anything else that can to assist you and your incarcerated loved one during these difficult times.

We know that the news of changing laws and statutes which may affect the release date of your incarcerated loved one may be difficult to locate or pinpoint. You will find that InmateAid.com is an easy resource to check on changes to the state and federal laws that directly affect your loved ones. You can rely on InmateAid.com for up to the minute details of everything from prison inmate reforms, appellate decisions, Supreme Court rulings, Congressional bills, sentencing guidelines, Second Chance Act, Sentencing Commission recommendations to the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), “Good Time” reduction bill, Federal Bureau of Prisons Non-Violent Offender Relief Act of 2009, compassionate release, reinstating federal parole, President Obama’s stance on first time non-violent offenders or the warehousing of prisoners, hallway house rules and regulations, community custody, probation, supervised release, commutation, pardons and much more.

InmateAid.com will also assist you with other issues affecting your loved one such as recharging their commissary account, the inmate trust fund, sending them money via Western Union, or other approved money transfer programs, discount telephone services serving any and all prison (or jail) systems, the ordering of magazine subscriptions, books and newspapers, or even the writing of letters being delivered to them from you on your behalf including pictures all from the ease of your smartphone or computer.

Your incarcerated loved one will have their own profile page like many well-known social networks. Their profile will contain certain relevant information important to the inmate’s friends and family members. Your confined loved one will post his or her “wish list” of book titles, authors, magazines and various forms of deliverable and acceptable reading materials. You can keep track of their progress and share information, photos, and blog between the support groups seeing your loved one through and until their release date. InmateAid.com keeps you that much closer to your incarcerated loved ones; we know that they do not do their time alone as you are with them every step of the way. InmateAid.com’s mission is to help you to support them during this difficult period.

Tell your your friends and family members about InmateAid.com. Show them the site so that they too may help that imprisoned person never feel abandoned.