This section has a very wide variety of famous people that found themselves in a prison or jail. This list of inmates have somehow gained fame or infamy either from their highly publicized criminal case or that their life was in the public eye. These accounts come from published reports found in newspapers, magazines or website entries like Wikipedia and many others. We have business titans, athletes, movie stars, politicians, mobsters and more. We add names to this database every day..

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Abagnale, Frank - "Catch Me if You Can"

Frank Abagnale "Catch Me If You Can" Frank William Abagnale, Jr. (born April 27, 1948) is an American security consultant known for his history as a former confidenc...

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Antar, Eddie - “Crazy Eddie”

“Crazy Eddie” – Eddie Antar THE CON: Crazy Eddie was a family business that grew into a huge chain of electronics stores with rock-bottom prices. It was also a criminal opera...

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Ames, Aldrich - How the F.B.I. Finally Caught Him - NY Times

How the F.B.I. Finally Caught Aldrich Ames By David Johnston January 27, 1995   One day in September 1993, four months after the F.B.I. had begun i...

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Archer, Jeffrey - His life would make a great novel - USA Today

Author Jeffrey Archer's life would make a great novel May 2, 2008 By Jeffrey Stinson, USA TODAY LONDON — Boy from humble background hustles his way to Oxford,...

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Abramoff, Jack - The Truth About My Crimes, Jail, And Life As A Felon

Jack Abramoff: The Truth About My Crimes, Jail, And Life As A Felon By Henry Blodget  |  Daily Ticker – February 23, 2012 A decade ago, Jack Abramoff was one of th...

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Alderdice, James - Ft. Lauderdale Gold Scam (IGBE), Begins Serving 10 Year Term - UPI

James Alderdice Begins Serving 10-year Term June 3, 1985  -  United Press International   TALLAHASSEE — A former officer of the defunct International Gold Bullion E...

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Alderdice, James - IGBE Fraud Gets 10-year Federal Prison Term

James Alderdice - Gold Bullion Fraud Gets 10-year Federal Prison Term April 13, 1985 By Kathleen Pellegrino, Staff Writer   James Alderdice was sentenced...

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Allen, Tim - "Home Improvement" over federal prison

Actor, Comedian Tim Allen served 2 years in federal prison for cocaine trafficking   Actor Tim Allen was arrested in October 1978 while attempting to sell a ...

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Alite, John - Mafia Turncoat, Testified Against Gotti Jr.

Former pal of John A. (Junior) Gotti will read statement at sentencing of Gambino mobster John Burke implicating mob honcho in 1991 murder Mafia turncoat John Alite will reveal how...

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