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Ask the Inmate

Subject: Emergencies - Natural Disasters

What will they do with this Corona virus going on?

Almost all in-person visitation is suspended until March 30, 2020. The inmate's movement, in many cases, is restricted so it is easy for them to enforce any type of quarantines necessary in the event that an inmate would contract Covid-19. 

Subject: Prison Discipline

What is administrative segregation

Administrative segregation refers to both a classification and a type of unit. There are at least three distinct types of segregation: administrative segregation, disciplinary segregation, and protective … Any of these types of segregation might involve a regimen of solitary (or near solitary) confinement. Administrative segregation (ad seg) is when an inmate is housed separately from the main prison population. In most prisons, ad seg is another term for solitary confinement. Typically, inmates get "put in the hole" if they violate prison rules, start fights, make threats, disregard officers, disobeying direct orders, or make an attempt on anyone's life. In ad seg or solitary confinement, a person is usually placed in a very tiny cell by themselves, often without a bed or any other comforts. Sometimes a mattress or blanket is provided. There is no radio or TV and no windows–only a slot in the door where food trays are placed. Inmates stay in the cell 23 hours a day. They are taken out to shower and sometimes to exercise in a small pen, but otherwise, they see no other human beings while they are in solitary.

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