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The system has a keyword checker much like a search engine. If it hears one of those words, it'll cause a violation. If there is a third voice on the line, it'll trigger a violation. There are also live correction officers listening in real time (not always, just spot checking from time-to-time), the inmate may not have any conversation about "business dealings", so if the guard hears talk of money or business directions that could trigger a violation. One thing is FOR SURE, your inmate can go to his counselor and ask the reason. In the BOP (federal), they will give it to you direct, they do not play around and follow very strict guidelines - including "informing the reason for a violation". BTW, if you are not local to the federal prison - we can get you a local number for $8.95 per month, no other fees, just month-to-month for as long as you'd need it. It's the only way to save money and we're easily the lowest price.

Manafort will get a longer sentence because he went to trial and lost. The government will file a PreSentence Report to the judge and try to pile on as much time as they can, maybe asking for 20 years - which really adds to the drama. There are sentencing guidelines which federal prosecutors push to the high side of the range - understanding that they get graded on how much time their "wins" bring. It's a shitty system, but its the one we have to go by. Cohen pled guilty so he'll get at the lower end of the recommendation. We don't know yet about Cohen's willingness to try and use the Trump investigation as a way to provide "substantial assistance" to the prosecutor. In other words, he testifies against someone else to get a reduction in his sentence. Assistance can bring anywhere from 10 - 100% off the sentence - but normally, it's 1/3 off. These are white-collar tax convictions for both - it is often the dollar amount of the fraud that determines the sentence. My guess: Manafort gets 60 months, Cohen gets 20 months; both will be in a prison camp near where they live so that their families may visit them more frequently. They will have more problems with boredom and embarrassment that dealing with violent inmate situations.  

Hello, I write you from Guatemala, in Central America, it's the first time that I use this service, let me tell you that it is very easy to use, and I thank you for helping.

Migdalia Azucena H.

Thanks so much for answering my questions. You all put a smile on my face knowing that the 214 days are not long. I am glad i found this website.

Margaret M.

This is grest

Toni M.

Thank you so much, my inmate got his postcard, n is waiting for his classic muscle Car Magzn.Subsc.I orderd him.You are doing a great thing. He was so happy n is waiting on his first Happy Holidays to you all.

Colleen T.

My nephew was recently moved from a facility to a new one but I had just sent an electronic postcard to the old one & inmateAID forwarded it to his new facility without me asking. I was very pleasantly surprised & grateful! Thanx so much!

Jennifer B.

I appreciated very much. I was concerned that he didn't receive it but he have it. I am very glad i found this website. I will continue to use it. God bleseed this company fast and convenience. Surely 100% legit. Thank you all so much.

Margaret M.

Thank you for your services. This journey has been very difficult, your site has brought me a bit of comfort. J Thank you kindly.

Deadra B.

I I have nothing but love 4 u guys thank 4 all u do

Jackie P.

This is an absolutely fantastic site. It's fast and convenient.. If u cannot make it to the correctional facility to buy a phone card, or put $$ on your loved ones books you have the means rich here. Thank You, Tara....

Tara G.

Website is great, this service has been a God sent and very much appreciated at Lompoc, CA. Thanks so much!

Gloria S.

I just wanted to say thank you for always working quickly to ensure that families maintain contact with their incarcerated loved ones!

Dezi-Von M.

You guys are Sweet and Nice and Lovely! Thank you so much for quick response. I checked you guys out on Facebook and liked your page. I nearly went ballistic on the morans who spoke bad about inmate aid! Pissed me off. I have been with you guys so long and not once has there been an issue that you guys didn't promptly take care of professionally. THANK YOU FOR BEING! And remain. Blessed! Anja

Anja S.