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Ask the Inmate

Subject: Relationship Issues

Yes was trying to find out what in the world an inmate at a county jail could be spending around $400 to $500 in a week on?

There are only a few places an inmate can spend money on, but be mindful that everything is super-expensive. starting with the phone calls... In my first month away, my wife spent over $6000, which translates into a lot more than $500/wk. Commissary is another area where an inmate can spend $200/wk easily if it is in their account. If there are daily fees from the jail, medical charges or fines, they could be debited from the inmate's account, too. If their spending is related to hefty phone charges, get an InmateAid account, discounts at some county jails are 80%. Click here to check it out.

Subject: Visitation

When video visit tells you there isn't an apt available does that' mean they have another scheduled

There are calendar spots with a limited number of spaces available at the times that your inmate is allowed to have video visitation. You will have to find another suitable time that works for you both.

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