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When you order the phone line, the process is automated by software to the utility for procurement. Once the utility issues the phone line, there are no refunds from them, therefore we cannot issue refunds either. The no refund policy is displayed in several places on the site before you sign up so that there are no misunderstandings. We go so far to say, "if you buy the service on Monday and the inmate gets released on Tuesday, there are no refunds". The phone line cannot be resold by the utility once issued. The line is good for the balance of the month you selected. There is a cancellation button in your My Account dashboard that stops the recurring charges. We encourage you to use the line, this is the only way to save money on incoming inmate calls.

It's not the institution being civil, it's the population make-up. Neither have reports of unrest or violence that would give them a bad grade. The idea of being incarcerated for anyone that hasn't is frightening. The shows on TV edit their programs to show the worst and most shocking. Don't let your imagination get the best of you. Once they get settled and into a routine, get a feel for the other inmates, they tend to fit right into the prison community. Learn the do's and don'ts and set some goals. I did, that is what got me through it all. Reading, writing, working out and preparing myself for that day i would finally get out.

You guys are awesome. Thank you for the wonderful customer service!

Diana E.

Hello, I write you from Guatemala, in Central America, it's the first time that I use this service, let me tell you that it is very easy to use, and I thank you for helping.

Migdalia Azucena H.

Thanks so much for answering my questions. You all put a smile on my face knowing that the 214 days are not long. I am glad i found this website.

Margaret M.

This is grest

Toni M.

Thank you so much, my inmate got his postcard, n is waiting for his classic muscle Car Magzn.Subsc.I orderd him.You are doing a great thing. He was so happy n is waiting on his first Happy Holidays to you all.

Colleen T.

My nephew was recently moved from a facility to a new one but I had just sent an electronic postcard to the old one & inmateAID forwarded it to his new facility without me asking. I was very pleasantly surprised & grateful! Thanx so much!

Jennifer B.

I appreciated very much. I was concerned that he didn't receive it but he have it. I am very glad i found this website. I will continue to use it. God bleseed this company fast and convenience. Surely 100% legit. Thank you all so much.

Margaret M.

Thank you for your services. This journey has been very difficult, your site has brought me a bit of comfort. J Thank you kindly.

Deadra B.

I I have nothing but love 4 u guys thank 4 all u do

Jackie P.

This is an absolutely fantastic site. It's fast and convenient.. If u cannot make it to the correctional facility to buy a phone card, or put $$ on your loved ones books you have the means rich here. Thank You, Tara....

Tara G.

Website is great, this service has been a God sent and very much appreciated at Lompoc, CA. Thanks so much!

Gloria S.

I just wanted to say thank you for always working quickly to ensure that families maintain contact with their incarcerated loved ones!

Dezi-Von M.