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Subject: Commissary

What is the price of a pair of sneakers in prison?

Sneakers are a real commodity in prison. Commissary sells sneakers and other shoe "upgrades" like boots, etc. The charges range from $50-125. There is also a "secondary market" where inmates sell used shoes either from inmates that have upgraded theirs or when someone is released as they departing inmates oftentimes symbolically leave their shoes behind.

Subject: Visitation

What's the visitation like for Milan FCI, MI?

Federal visitation is run very much by-the-book, and for an FCI Low facility you will have "contact" with your inmate. Upon arrival you will enter and give your ID (you will have already gone through an approval process beforehand filling out a form your inmate mailed you). Once you are accepted for the visit you will proceed through a metal detector like you'd see at an airport. You may hug and kiss upon greeting and leaving but do not let the guards see you trying to do more than that, you will have your visit terminated and possible santions against the inmate for future visits.

You can only bring you car keys and a see-through bag with up to $20 in small bills or change to buy your inamte some goodies from the vending machines. There is a microwave oven to heat up sandwiches and other items your inmate normally cannot get. The visits might be an hour or upt to as much as four hours, due to the amount of visitors and how crowded it is. For instance, Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving are very busy and the visits are often shorter than normal.

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