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Can inmates get online in jail? Like Facebook or send emails?

Inmates do not have access to the Internet. There are some facilities that now have an email service that is closed from the Internett. However, the emails cost the inmate to read and write. Even though inmates do not have online access, and therefore no Facebook, but we know for certain that inmates get ahold of smartphones and can create and maintain FB accounts. Not smart, but they figure they are in prison anyway, why not break more rules. We would strongly advise that the risk is not worth the additional punishments that come, like isolation and total loss of privileges (visitation, commissary, phone) - it's not worth it.

do days sitting in county jail waiting for court to be sentenced for Missouri DOC count towards your sentence

Yes, absolutely! You are credited for every day you are incarcerated against any imposed or pending sentence, no matter the location. If they arraign you, book you, and release you same day, that counts towards one day of incarceration.

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