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Ask the Inmate

Subject: Sending Mail Inside

How do I order 1 post card

We used to do single postcards at $0.99 each but the cost of printing, postage, and the fee the credit card company charges ended up costing more than what we charged. We decided that the $8 multi-card package (10 postcards) was the only way to do it. We've been around since 2012 and the postcard/holiday greeting card package is one of our best sellers.

Subject: Prison Food

Is prison food as bad as people say?

Actually, it's not terrible. It reminds me of school food. It has all the nutritional value but it lacks taste. The inmates are the cooks, and unless they have been watching Bobby Flay, the food remains bland. Inmates with money on their books can supplement their food intake with "better" food options from the commissary.

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