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are the ones in medial unit young are they taken care of good

Yes, the prison medical facilities are staffed with registered medical personnel with special training dealing with incarcerated patients. The only time the treatment becomes restrictive is if the inmate themselves become unruly. Remember that the prison units in general want to keep their record free from incidents that would negatively affect their funding. Training, empathy, caring and general well-being are a part of the process that inmates get "most of the time" from prison staff members. The bad eggs exist in every system and unfortunately one negative story spoils the way people see the entire picture for any setting. Inmates are incarcerated for committing a crime, the punishment is the jail time, there are no added punishments unless they are brought on by the inmate's behavior or failure to do their time in an orderly fashion.

would the inmate get a letter today if i use this program or how long would it take for them to get it is what I think I ment to this question ? and also how could they respond and would they be able to respond right away I am not sure how this site fully works if you would be able to explain a little bit that would be awesome ... and do I have to put a little money into the account for them to respond?

The letter and photo service from InmateAid is straightforward. You type up a letter and upload photos where applicable - proceed to the Pay Now page and complete the transaction. The letter order flows through our Admin area to the Processing Department. Letters are processed immediately upon entry unless it is after 6pm on Saturday, then the letters do not go through the process until Monday morning. You may check in your My Account area to see the status of your letter order. The letters are printed, folded and inserted into a double window envelope. There are no additional marketing pieces or promotional material inserted in the envelope, only your letter. Your name is the sender, InmateAid's address is the return address. The envelopes are stamped with 49 cent stamps unless there are more than 5 pages of letter or more than 5 photos, and then we weigh the envelope and adjust the postage. The mail is taken to the post office which is on the Miami/West Palm Beach line - a major mail hub. Mail is delivered by us Monday through Saturday. Inmates that have money on their inmate trust accounts can purchase stamps and envelopes at the weekly commissary. If they do not have money on their books, the prison will provide indigent inmates with all the materials necessary to send out mail to their loved ones. If your inmate writes to you directly, using your address, the cost of the mailing is a 49 cent stamp. Many of our members use the Inmate Response Mail service through InmateAid. Your inmate would write you back to the return address on the letters which are to the InmateAid corporate offices in Florida. We receive the letters on your behalf, scan them into your My Account section and notify you by email that they are waiting for your review. The people that use this service like the security and privacy this service provides them.


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