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Subject: Medical Treatment

My son is turning himself in on Tuesday. He’s on methadone treatment. Will they continue his treatment while there for 60+ days? He hasn’t had enough time to wean down

Upon intake, your son will be evaluated by the medical staff who will recommend an appropriate treatment program that will enable him to wean off the addictive drugs in his system. We wish you and him the best possible outcome from his incarceration

Subject: Sentencing Questions

My boyfriend Maxed out his time, but he got a dui in another county , he got house arrest. The recommitted him to prison. Now he maxed his time out. How can the parole system do that?

The parole system didn't "do anything" outside what they were supposed to do. What you should be focusing on is "Why your boyfriend can't keep from getting arrested for things like a DUI"? The parole system doesn't tolerate an offender with multiple offenses, who doesn't take the leniency of early release seriously. The only remedy is a simple formula that can only be overcome by staying out of trouble.

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