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Subject: Visitation

What is visitation like at West Tennessee Detention Center? Will I be able to hug and/or kiss an inmate?

I was actually there for three months, the visitation is in a room with tables and chairs, a platform for a single guard and some vending machines. We were able to hug and kiss upon arrival and departure. We held hands under the table the entire visit. The visitors go through a very vigorous and intrusive "pat down". They are carefully looking for people trying to smuggle in contraband.  They allowed two hours, more if it's not too busy. Inmates get strip searched on their way back to their pod, too.

my husband is in for 2 counts of domestic violence and 1 battery. how long would he get

Depends on the severity of the charges and his criminal history. If he's been in trouble before, that will go against him

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