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Does anyone know about immigration issues? My husband has been detained although he is a legal permanent resident. He has a criminal record for domestic violence. He is in deportation proceedings can anyone give me any advice. How can we get legal assistance, get him a bond and stop the deportation. Please help!!

It is a very difficult to give advice about this subject as there is definitely some information missing from this explanation. If there is a deportation hearing, the prosecutor must show cause asking to deport someone. He needs a competent immigration lawyer to handle this for him. If he is indigent, your will need to get one through the courts. If they have an ICE hold on him there might not be a bond available.

i am very confused? was wondering what the process for getting a halfway house date is? unit team manager made the recemendation of 6 to 9 months hh! so it went from there it went to warden who aproved it then to region. he went and talk to someone today who told him that region aproved it but that is all they said. that it would be up to hh now? if someone could explain the process i would greatly apriciate it!

You pretty much have the process covered in your question. His actual release date is still determined by which of the recommendations are actually enacted. Is it 6 months or is it 9 months? Once you know that, then he'll have a solid "out date".


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