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Ask the Inmate

Subject: Offender Phone calls

As a inmate in county, are you able to purchase phone calls from your trust fund/commissary? Can an inmate use my prepaid phone account to call anyone else?

Yes an inmate can use their commissary money to make phone calls (to any number), and no... on your prepaid account add only your number and that is the only one they can call

Subject: Sending Mail Inside

I want to write Rapper Ralo , but his information isn’t showing up in any facilities…how do I find his information? Would I be able to reach him if the facility is on lockdown or if he’s in a halfway house,

Ralo, also known as Terrell Davis is currently incarcerated at the Hazelton USP Satellite Prison Camp. His release date is October 8, 2023... If you want to write Ralo, click here. Even though the facility is on lockdown, the mail still flows.

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