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Ask the Inmate

Subject: Sending Mail Inside

I don't want correspondence going through my local post office due to the small town and gossip. Can I still communicate with an inmate via other means?

YES, the InmateAid Letter Service sends YOUR actual postage mail and photos to the prisons and jails using OUR return address. It is super-easy to use, convenient and reliable since 2012. Robust packages start at only $8.00.

Subject: Relationship Issues

I sent a message to a friend that’s been locked up for awhile, she hasn’t responded and I don’t know if she even got my message, I’m not sure how to contact or reach out next?

All you can do is continue writing letters. Some inmates, especially newly incarcerated ones are affected by the harsh disconnection from society. They might be "in their feelings" and are not ready to communicate with people on the outside just yet.  If you are persistent, the letters will eventually make an impact and she will eventually respond.

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