Discount Phone Service
Spend less to talk to your inmate.
Whether your inmate is located in a federal prison, county, city jail or an ICE detention facility, InmateAID can help save you money on your inmate calls. Pay one flat price. No hidden fees.
Discover how you can save $100s every year on your inmate calls.
Postcards & Greeting Card Packages

Our postcard packages bring the price of a postcard down to as low as $0.66 per postcard, which is the industry low in postcard prices. Stop paying for “unlimited” plans that are full of hidden fees.

6 postcard credits
$0.83 per postcard
14 postcard credits
$0.71 per postcard
30 postcard credits
$0.67 per postcard
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Letters & Photos

Write your inmate a letter and upload your personal photos right from your smartphone. InmateAID prints your uploaded photos as 4x6 inch professional quality photos.

InmateAID’s huge collection of the most popular monthly and weekly magazines subscriptions is guaranteed to have something your inmate will love. The safest and most secure way to send your inmate facility-approved magazines.
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Send Books with Amazon is one of the very few companies that should be trusted to deliver books to inmates. Due to the strict rules on what is allowed and what isn’t when it comes to sending inmates books, we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to ensure your inmate receives their books as intended.
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Inmate Deposits
Every facility differs in the way they process inmate funds. InmateAID can help you make sure that you are sending your inmate funds properly to make sure your inmate always has their phone and commissary funded.
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