offers the largest and most complete FREE Prison Directory of every prison, jail and detention center along with the smaller police holding facilities located in every town across the county. also offers the ability to locate any inmate for FREE as well. We have included every unique inmate search link to the corresponding facility. You can search by state or by county or by type of prison. This information is in the Prison Directory and in the Inmate Search. In the event that the actual facility does not have its own inmate look-up link, there is a fantastic service that we have included where applicable. That service is called VINELink.

What is VINELink?

VINELink is the online version of VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday), the National Victim Notification Network. This service allows crime victims to obtain timely and reliable information about criminal cases and the custody status of offenders 24 hours a day.

VINELink was established in 1994 by the family of Mary Byron. Seven years after their daughter's murder and six years after the creation of automated victim notification technology (VINE), Pat and John Byron spearheaded the creation of the Mary Byron Project, an organization dedicated to finding innovations like VINE that save lives As a nationally recognized thought leader on domestic violence, the Mary Byron Project cultivates and supports efforts that extend beyond crisis management to attack the root causes of this epidemic and help build safer, healthier communities.

VINELink was completed in 2000 and provides information to victims of crime on any criminal case and/or the custody status of such offenders. VINELink notifies you of any movement by the offender in question, transfers, releases or escapes by email, telephone or on their website. You can use VINELink to search for Inmates in real time their database is updated every 15 minutes with new information including new bookings.

Who Uses VINELink?

While VINELink is not available everywhere, it is currently being used by over two thirds of the nation’s prisons, jails and detention centers. It helps keep victims informed and allows for Inmate Searches using a name, court case information or other identifying inmate number. While InmateAid has every available county, state and federal Inmate Search list on each of its 12,000+ Facility Pages, we offer access to VINELink because they cover a great majority of the United States with the exception of a few states, listed below.

VINELink has live operators on call 24 hours a day for every state that uses its services and each state has a toll-free number and information on how to find each state and their VINELink toll-free number.

How to use VINELink online

1. Go to

2. Click on the state you wish to search.

3. Register by clicking on offender in the upper left corner.

4. Click on name for details and the option to register

5. Register for notification (optional); enter your contact info.

6. Click Register.

The following states are not currently using VINELink:

· Indiana

· Kansas

· Maine

· South Dakota

The following States have a limited VINELink database:

· Arizona

· Georgia

· Massachusetts

· Montana

· New Hampshire

· West Virginia

VINELink is a free resource for Inmate Searches within the United States. provides every public Inmate Search list available in our directory of 13,500+ Facility Pages. If no link is provided, we have included their telephone and fax numbers, email addresses and addresses for ALL the facilities. Feel free to contact the facility and ask for their assistance.


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