Reviewed on: October 07,2015

Does the inmatemaid mail actually get delivered like a regular letter does?

Asked: February 21,2015
Ask the inmate answer
The letter and photo service from InmateAid is straightforward, it is mailed using the US Postal Service. You type up a letter and upload photos where applicable - proceed to the Pay Now page and complete the transaction. The letter order flows through our Admin area to the Processing Department. Letters are processed immediately upon entry unless it is after 6pm on Saturday, then the letters do not go through the process until Monday morning. You may check in your My Account area to see the status of your letter order.We estimate that it takes 2-3 business days to make it to the jail. Once there, the staff opens and reads each piece ofmailand inspects it for contraband. Any delay that occurs at the facility is out of our control. We make no guarantees as to how long it will take as there are thousands of facilities and none of them do things the same way. Our service is designed for convenience and reliability. We send tens of thousands of letters a week. For those who promise their inmate photos and never get around to doing it, we are perfect for them. For those that are on the move and have limited time to get around to sending a letter, we are perfect for them. If you have selected the correct facility and have included your inmate's ID number we have100% delivery success. Your inmate will love the photos!
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