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Subject: Website function questions
yes, it works for every jail and prison in the US
Subject: Prison discipline
Mostly correct, however, there are three days (per week) where the inmate gets one hour of rec in an outdoor cage-like structure by themselves.
Subject: Parole & probation
It could be 4-6 weeks or more likely 2-4 months before they are on the street
Subject: After prison services
You can, but the RRMs are listed as the main office for that particular region, not where they will be housed. Here is a list of the actual halfway houses under the RRM Long Beach jurisdiction. You can click here for a complete list of the halfway houses in California. TURNING POINT CCC-BAKERSFIELD 1101 UNION AVENUE BAKERSFIELD, CA 93385 PHONE: (661) 325-5774 WESTERN CARE CENTERS INC. 11675 EAST END AVENUE CHINO, CA 91710 PHONE: (909) 591-8538 CORNELL CORRECTIONS, EL MONTE 11750 RAMONA BOULEVARD EL MONTE, CA 91732 PHONE: (626) 454-4593 TURNING POINT CCC-FRESNO,CA 3547...
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Subject: Offender phone calls
It only takes a minute, if you talk a lot it'll be worth it.  When your inmate gets moved after the hurricane to another facility, we will change the number to the new location at no charge.
Subject: Website function questions
Yes, and we have a great service called Letters from Inmates that allow the inmate to use the InmateAid address to receive your mail without giving out your physical address. There is a section located on your Account Dashboard where incoming inmate mail is placed for your review.
Subject: Survive prison
Usually after orientation which occurs in the first week. Soon thereafter, the inmate will have privileges like phones, commissary and visits
Subject: All topics
There can't be just one thing that will turn your life around, here are a few that I go by that have helped me get back on my feet Forgive myself and forgive others that don't want to forgive me - I created this mess "Show me your friends and I'll show you your future" - gotta lose the old friends from the past, it's a dead-end street Set realistic goals and focus on what you can control Be happy making a normal living, living...
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Subject: Offender phone calls
There is only one company that services that facility - Securus Technologies. Depending on your location, an InmateAid number will get the calls at the cheapest rate Securus charges. It's the phone number that saves you money.
Subject: Law questions - legal terms
The First Step Act is for eligible federal inmates, state inmates are not including in this new law. There are a number of offenders are excluded from receiving earned time credits. These include (but are not limited to) fentanyl traffickers, heroin or methamphetamine traffickers who played a leadership role in the crime, sex offenders, some immigration offenders, all 18 U.S.C. § 924(c) offenders (any crime where a firearm was involved), and people convicted of other violent offenses. This a new system that allows...
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