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Subject: Furloughs
There are several release options being offered to inmates with non-violent offenses. We are hearing that home confinement is the preferred method for these furloughed releases. Just a caution to the loved ones of possible release, they will have serious stipulations on the release and you can help make sure yours sticks to the rules because we are also hearing people violating within hours and then being sent back to the SHU. "Be careful" is all I'm saying.
Subject: Sending mail inside
Yes, you can! Click here:  Joe Exotic #26154-017    
Subject: Emergencies - natural disasters
Almost all in-person visitation is suspended until March 30, 2020. The inmate's movement, in many cases, is restricted so it is easy for them to enforce any type of quarantines necessary in the event that an inmate would contract Covid-19. 
Subject: Prison discipline
Administrative segregation refers to both a classification and a type of unit. There are at least three distinct types of segregation: administrative segregation, disciplinary segregation, and protective … Any of these types of segregation might involve a regimen of solitary (or near solitary) confinement. Administrative segregation (ad seg) is when an inmate is housed separately from the main prison population. In most prisons, ad seg is another term for solitary confinement. Typically, inmates get "put in the hole" if they violate prison rules,...
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Subject: Money transfer
If you have an inmate ID number, they can. You might be able to bring cash or money order with you when you report, they will deposit it into your account for you. We would certainly call them first to be 100% sure.
Subject: Prisoner transfer
The sheriff deputies from the county that issued the warrant will come to pick the inmate up. They do not and will not say when they are coming (for obvious reasons) and there is zero chance they will forget to pick him up.
Subject: Prison discipline
Telephone calls from the SHU are limited to one 15-minute phone per week, unless he was caught with a cellphone, then there would be no calls until he was back in general population
Subject: Prison discipline
He will probably lose his work privileges and spend a few days or weeks in the SHU (the hole). There are no set time limits for punitive stays, it's up to the lieutenant that wrote him up. 
Subject: Survive prison
It usually takes up to a week before the inmates may use the phone and have visitation. If they have money on their books they can go to commissary provided it is their day of the week.
Subject: Prison discipline
You get two people to pick as your defense witnesses. When i did it, i only took the Corrections Officer who was my direct supervisor at my job (landscaping). He came in and basically gave a character reference on my behalf and the DHS liked his testimony enough to release me from the SHU into gen pop right away. I would not have an inmate come to represent me, the staff believes their own kind more than another inmate who...
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