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Subject: Arrest record search
No, there is no cost to the inmate - the member/user of the site pays the fees for letters sent in both directions there is a letter retrieval cost ($1.49) - the phone service also takes pre-paid and debit cards, too
Subject: Inmate education & training
Yes they do. As you can imagine, the best classes are the ones that you show willingness and openmindedness to learn from them. The challenge is getting your loved one to accept that they need to have feedback. Once they agree that it's goiong to benefit them, they will gain a lot of knowledge and it will make them better parents when they get out. It is important to try and let them come to the conclusion that they need...
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Subject: Family services
https://www.inmateaid.com/inmate-profile-search Enter their name and see if we have it in our database of 1.7 million active inmates. If you cannot find them there, email us at aid@inmateaid.com with their name, state, dob if known and what jurisdiction charged and sentenced them (Federal - FBI, DEA, ATF, HS or State where prosecuted).
Subject: General questions
The jail is rated for 630 inmates/detainees and employs a staff of approximately 120. The local population averages 275-325 inmates/detainees. We do not have a current population number to report.
Subject: Prison food
Yes absolutely. The prisons and jails have licensed nutricians on staff that set the daily menu and are responsible for the make-up of the food-stuffs and calories that are provided to the detainees
Subject: Inmate telephone calling
Depends on the three-way...:)  if we are tlking about a 3-way call, then my advice would be to NEVER attempt it. The phone companies provide the prisons with the latest detection technology that sniffs out three-way calling. It is 100% against the rules of all institutions and loss of phone privilege for six months or more is the penalty. The people that get away with it do so for only a few calls before getting caught. With InmateAid's Discount Calling Service, we...
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Subject: Visitation
Juvenile offenders are only allowed communication and contact from immediate family members. That means mother, father, sister, brother or grandparents. We do not think they will allow "a girlfriend" to visit without some special permission from the director of the facility.
Subject: Inmate books and magazines
If the books were returned we would not try sending them again. Amazon is the only way prisons will accept books (if they changed their policy, we were not aware). You could get the same effect sending some magazine titles that fit your inmate's interest. If you want to send some magazine ubscriptions from InmateAid, send us an email at aid@inmateaid.com and we'll send you a coupon for 1/3 off all you buy.
Subject: Prison violence
If he is in the hole, he is safe. The hole is used for disciplinary reasons but also for protective measures, too. If he told the staff that he was scared for his life, he basically asked for help, to be "checked in to pc", or protective custody. He is likely to remain in the hole for the entire sentence unless they transfer him.