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Subject: Survive prison
Unfortunately, there is nothing that someone from the outside can do to effectuate anything regarding the treatment of an inmate. The prison/jail staff is acting in the best interest of the inmate in keeping them safe by placing them in isolation for continual observation.
Subject: Furloughs
Absolutely not, there is no way they will be furloughed for that to happen... sorry to be the bearer of that news
Subject: Release questions
No, released inmates may be picked up by civilians, family members and/or friends. The only time that a bus or train ticket is necessary is if they do not have someone to come and pick them up.
Subject: Survive prison
Sorry to report that there is always going be a cost of some kind. Even if you visit, the cost of travel and the money you might spend on the vending machines cost money. The calls cost money, the emails cost money, a handwritten letter costs at least a $0.55 cent stamp. It's a hard truth but someone is getting paid somewhere.
Subject: Halfway house
The inmate's case manager and counselor recommend the amount of halfway house time. Usually, the longer the sentence, the longer the halfway house giving the released have ample time to re-enter the workplace and society in general. The qualifications are that the inmate is within 12 months of release. Normally six months is the longest time period for halfway house residency. Once there, the inmate is almost home. Continue following rules, get a job and start paying one-third of your...
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Subject: Offender phone calls
Federal inmates are allowed 300 minutes per month (400 mins Nov & Dec) - outbound calling only. They are 15-minutes each and are paid for from their Trulincs account (which can be funded by outside people or through the job they have inside). The calls are either SIX cents per minute (local) or TWENTY-ONE cents per minute (long-distance). InmateAid can get you a local line for almost all federal facilities for only $5.00. You save $45 per month!!
Subject: Parole & probation
Probation violations do not get bail of any kind. They must wait and appear before the magistrate that sentenced them to see what the punishment will be, if any.
Subject: Parole & probation
You will need to locate the email address or phone number for the Parole Board (different in every state) and file a petition in opposition to the inmate's pending hearing for early release. The Board takes these petitions seriously
Subject: Inmate supplies
If you ask an inmate (as you are now), the more the merrier :)... but you as a person on the outside trying to take care of your own expenses you should budget what you can afford to send. If money is no object, you might consider $75/wk for commissary and phone. In the federal system, they can only spend $69/month on phone and $315 on commissary + whatever money the emails are. It can become quite expensive so be careful...
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Subject: Relationship issues
He doesn't want to see you. Try sending a letter and find out why.