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Subject: Furloughs
Inmates wishing to attend the funeral of an immediate family member must petition the warden. The warden is the sole decision-maker whether the inmate would be permitted to leave the compound at all. If by rare chance that the request is granted, the inmate would have to pay for the Corrections Officers time who would be tasked with accompanying them.
Subject: Parole & probation
No, parole is only an option if the judge has listed it on the Judgment and Commitment Order. With 8-9 months to go, it is very unlikely parole was an option to begin with. Hang in there, they'll be home before you know it.
Subject: Prison discipline
Not good. Shu for months, loss of good time, then transfer from facility to higher custody level - much harder time going forward, loss of all privileges and maybe catch a new charge or two.
Subject: Inmate mail
Our advice would be to send sexy pictures without exposing yourself. IF the rules are to NOT send them that way, why are you getting the attorney involved in breaking the rules? Imagine if the attorney gets caught with nude pictures of his client's girl. Just try and resist getting naked, send him something he can actually keep. He can use his imagination until he gets the real thing :)
Subject: Inmate search
There are inmate searches that are able to show the charges and their parole date (if they are eligible at all) and their release date. This date calculates the current good time credit available to the inmate. There are no reports showing how much time is they have served to date.
Subject: Inmate transfer
It does not necessarily mean he will have to do the maximum sentence but it sounds like he might lose some good time. The transfer coming after a fight means it was either his fault and he is going to a higher custody facility, OR he was the victim and was transferred for is protection.
Subject: Arrest record search
Basically there is no limit to the phone use at Leath Correctional (a South Carolina state prison), except for the cost of the calls. If there is money on the books they can stay on the phone all day. Many do especially in the first few days of incarceration. If you are not local to Greenwood SC, the calls start costing a lot. If you get a local line from InmateAid, the calls will be about $3-4 cheaper per call.
Subject: Inmate mail
No they do not, the recipient however pays a fee of $1.49 to retrieve the letter that the inmate sent to you, through InmateAid.
Subject: Inmate telephone calling
County jail and state prison inmates can call as much as they want. As long as there is money on their books they can make  calls. In federal prison, the inmates are limited to 300 minutes per month (400 per month in Nov and Dec as a holiday bonus). InmateAid can make the calls less expensive if you talk often. Plans start at $8.95 per month, no contract, no hidden fees.
Subject: Inmate transfer
There is no set time period. It is first come, first served so to speak. If there is an opening, the inmate willl get the call to "pack out".