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Subject: Inmate search
You should be able to find it without an id number. First name, last name and the state they are in is the way to begin. We have several locators to choose from and try. If all else fails, email us ar aid@inmateaid.com, ask for a coupon and help finding your inmate :)
Subject: Inmate mail
Yes, a letter is the only way as the prison will not allow anyone to pass along messages. Or a postcard. Or a Greeting Card. 
Here are some links to documents for the Missouri Department of Corrections-Cremer Therapeutic Community Center. Cremer Therapeutic Community Center - Offender Rulebook Cremer Therapeutic Community Center - Family Orientation
It is the same everywhere. When there is an "altercation", the participants are sent to the SHU ("special" housing unit) for a period of time. Depending on the severity of the altercation and how many incident reports they already jhave, they could get one to twelve months in solitary. Phone privileges are significantly reduced in the SHU to one 15-minute call per week. If the altercation was about the phone, the privileges could be suspended indefinitely.
PC or protective custody or administrative segregation is also known as the SHU, special housing unit, the hole, solitary confinement. Therefore the rules are the same for all inmates in the SHU. There is only one phone call per week, limited commissary, limited rec and limited showers. So, to answer your question - "yes they will have to wait unit it is their day to call." Mine was on Friday.
Subject: Inmate mail
If they are moved within the same system, like federal-to-federal or state-to-state the mail will get forwarded. If they cross over or are sent to county for court, then the mail will be returned. If you send your mail through InmateAid, they will resend it for you at no charge, just let them know where the inmate was transferred.
The jurisdiction in West Virginia will have to approve the transfer of parolee prior to the end of their period of supervision. Having a stable situation for the former inmate to thrive in is the main importance to the parole people. If he can verify employment and home environment, WV will look upon his odd of success there or in Florida. If he can make the case to them, that being outside their territory would not be a risk, and that...
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You should call a realtor that lists other homes in your neighborhood. They will help you decide on a price to list it for, since they know the market.
If he is cool and understands the rule of respect, he will have no problem. If he knows the streets, he can survive prison. Gangs are another story. If he is white and not in a gang, that is a good think in the eyes of the blacks. But, honestly, there is a lot more tolerance in the world today between races as long as there are no gangs involved.