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Subject: Prison discipline
The federal intake usually starts with a short bid in the SHU. The reasons they use vary from "missing paperwork", "bed shortage", "custody level adjustment" to name a few. I was designated to a camp and had to sit in the SHU for two weeks until they decided it was time for me to report to the camp. It was not fun and I was very happy when they released me into the gen pop.
Subject: Offender phone calls
There is no limit, it's up to the amount of money available on the inmate's phone account. 
Subject: Parole & probation
Yes, they responsible for his conduct and whereabouts until the supervised release is completed - they decide where he can live and work
Subject: After prison services
Sure. The InmateAid service makes your location anonymous... but, you may add your information in the body of the card.
Subject: Inmate search
The federal inmate locator does not have the inmate's location if it is not one of their facilities. The bop.gov website lists all federal inmates, but if they are NOT IN BOP CUSTODY, it means that they are in a county or city jail awaiting a court appearance. Try vinelink.com, they have a very good inmate locator
Subject: Prison discipline
Yes, the CDU or Complex Detention Unit is essentially segregation housing. There are two types of this unit, one is for disciplinary and the other is administrative. Disciplinary segregation, referred to by prisoners as “the hole,” is applied as a short-term punishment for breaking prison rules. Most prison units have a CDU which is reserved for this purpose. By contrast, administrative segregation is based on administrative rationale. The Department of Corrections has almost total discretion over these administrative decisions, most importantly a prisoner’s...
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Subject: After prison services
Do you know what state he caught his charge? There are inmate locators for every state, find the state DOC and you'll be able to locate him.
Subject: Sending mail inside
Let us know and we will resend it. They don't always forward the mail, and by resending it we ensure your loved one will definitely get it.
Subject: Survive prison
Prison sucks. Prison is reliving the same day over and over like the movie Groundhog Day. Prison is dismal and replete with boredom. You have to find a routine that can take you through the days without getting into a depressed state. The inmate motto is, "Do your time, don't let your time do you."
Subject: Visitation
Visiting rules are different for every facility. You will most likely need to send a Visitation Application into the facility and await approval.