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Subject: Parole & probation
Restitution means paying back the money that was "lost during the commission of the crime". If the restitution is $6,000, it sounds like she is getting a VERY good deal to avoid doing more time. Her PO seems like a reasonable, decent person. Most POs show zero tolerance for violators. We strongly recommend taking this offer and doing whatever she can to paying the fee and then keep her nose clean.
Subject: Relationship issues
No, unfortunately, there are very few prisons that allow for conjugal visits anymore.
Subject: Offender phone calls
The different number is the "special sauce" that makes the calls cheaper. InmateAid's computer algorithm determines the best price based upon the rate calculator on the phone carrier's website. Sometimes the best is a local number, other times it's a completely different state altogether. We don't make the rules, we use their rules to make your money last a lot longer.
Subject: Inmate search
When the release date says, "Unknown", it could mean a few different things. One, that the calculation on their sentence has not been put in the system; two that the inmate has cooperated with the government and is awaiting the sentence reduction; three that they have RDAP and the adjustment has not been done yet; four that they have a detainer and are awaiting additional charges to be added and then determined.
Subject: General prison/jail questions
You can try calling and see if a staff member will do it for you. It is against the rules in most places, but sometimes if you're nice they will make an exception. The alternative is to write them a letter or postcard to let them know what's up.
Subject: Visitation
It would be very risky to attempt a visit with your situation. There is a high likelihood that you would be held for the county that has a warrant out for you.
Subject: Education & vocational training
Unless there is something new, the inmates at Meade Co Detention Center are only released early for extreme overcrowding. County jail time is normally short term anyway and outside of the GED program, there aren't any classes to take. The vocational and educational programs are more robust in state and federal prison because the length of sentence is normally a lot longer.
Subject: Sentencing questions
You have to start at 85% which is almost 41 months. For him to get any further reduction you will have to revert to the Judgement and Commitment which outlines what he is eligible for if anything above the 15% good time. The new "non-violent law " is actually a federal law and does not pertain to state sentences.
Subject: Visitation
We would strongly advise you to not go to any visitation. They run your identification against the outstanding ​warrant list and will detain you if you are wanted.
Subject: Survive prison
If your husband is a habitual offender or had attempted to flee from arrest or detainment in the past, it is highly unlikely that he will get any home confinement. Being on disability will not get him any leeway or consideration for early release. He can earn work release or early release by being a perfect inmate. No mischief, no incident reports, no problems for the staff would put him in position for consideration IF there is a chance at...
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