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Subject: Parole & probation
We don't think so. He will most likely have to complete the remainder of the original sentence without the benefit of any relief or early release (again). It would appear he used up his chances that the judge offered at sentencing.
Subject: Offender phone calls
No, there are no programs at $8.95 that includes international calling
Subject: Offender phone calls
Yes, they do, as do all other facilities. The magic of this program is knowing who the specific carrier is and what rates they charge for certain numbers. Please send us your current phone number (home or cell) and we will give you an honest estimate of the savings. Sometimes there are no savings but in about 75% of the cases, we can save you money.
Subject: Offender phone calls
You can do it either way. You can make sure the Securus account is funded (remember that they take a big fee for depositing) OR the inmate can buy time at the county jail which would bypass the extra fee for depositing. Just make sure you have an IA number so that you are getting the most for your money. No one at the phone carrier level will assist you in saving money, you can be certain about that!
Subject: Sentencing questions
The outcome depends on a few factors. How much heroin? What there intent to distribute? The range of possibilities can be scary. A public defender is a lawyer, but not an advisable option if they are going to trial. If you are going to plead guilty, they will be just fine.
Subject: General prison/jail questions
There is an orientation period that could take a couple of days. It is after this time that the inmate will be able to make outgoing phone calls to people on his call list. He is not given a phone call when he gets there. That is something that happens at a county jail, this is a state facility. Once he is all set up, he will be able to call you often, even every day.
Subject: Offender phone calls
It is very easy. Go to inmateaid.com/shop/bop-calls to sign up.  Easy process- *Enter facility name - FCI Beaumont *Enter your phone number *Enter your name and email address *Pay $8.95 with cc or debit card via encrypted third-party tokenization platform *Local number is delivered instantly on the screen, texted and emailed, too. *Each month on the same date, $8.95 will be deducted until you click cancel button on the account Just to be clear, there are NO programs where the calls are unlimited. The people that claim that are...
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Subject: Visitation
They are brought in through the visiting room by visitors. I've seen inmates get fresh sneakers from the visitors, where they change shoes during the visit. The same thing goes for other articles of clothing where they are worn into the visiting room and then swapped with the inmate.
Subject: Offender phone calls
Yes, that is true, 225 area code is long distance to 318. In fact, there are several places where 318 is not local to all 318 numbers. Email us and we will check the numbers for you. 
Subject: Offender phone calls
You can, but be nice when you call because they do not have to do this for you.