Reviewed on: October 05,2016

My inmate wants sexy pictures. Is lingerie allowed and can I pose in explicit ways, touching myself, etc.? Can I spray perfume or my personal scent on the letter? I know these are embarrassing questions, but I'll do anything to make him as happy as possible.

Asked: October 04, 2016
Ask the inmate answer

Sexy pictures are no problem at all. Lingerie and bikini shots are perfectr but no exposed private parts. If you are going to stragetically place your hands, it might be okay, but just stop short of what might be considered pornographic. We understand and highly approve of your enthusiasm to make your inmate hapy (this will do it!), just keep covered and pose as tastefully as possible. Do NOT spay perfume on the envelope, they will likely return the letter.

Accepted Answer Date Created: October 05,2016

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