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What kind of visitations are allowed in the Harrison County MS detention center. I am here in Alabama and want to visit my boyfriend. Is it a contact visit or on the other side of a glass? Thanks

Asked: April 21,2015
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All visits in the HCADC and work center are non‐contact; however, inmates may be allowed contact visits with the approval of the Warden. Each inmate is allowed five (5) visitors and a reasonable number of children under the age of 18 on their visitation list. A parent must accompany persons under the age of 18. All adult visitors must have a government issued picture ID in order to visit. All visits are limited to three (3) people per visit (including infants and children) and will last no more than 15‐minutes. Visitors are not allowed to leave anything in the visitation room.  Special Visits are for Family Members who live a distance of 150 miles or more from the facility. The family member must request the special visit at least 14 days in advance through the Warden’s office for pre‐ approval. Visitation forms are provided during the initial classification process and are available through the Request Cart. Forms not filled out correctly will not be processed. Inmates are allowed to update their visitation list once every three (3) months. Written information regarding procedures governing visitation are made available to the inmate after arrival at the Harrison County Adult Detention Center. The same information will be made available to visitors, but the inmate will be responsible for informing visitors of the rules, regulation and schedules concerning visitation. 
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