Reviewed on: April 22,2024

Who is able to visit an inmate at fci Beaumont facility kin texas

Asked: April 03,2024
Ask the inmate answer

Visitation Eligibility: Immediate family members (parents, siblings, spouse, children), extended relatives (grandparents, aunts, uncles, in-laws, cousins), and a maximum of 10 friends or associates are allowed to visit inmates. 

Process for Adding Visitors: In federal prison, inmates compile a "visiting list" by sending visiting applications to individuals they wish to visit. Once completed, the potential visitor fills out the application and returns it to the facility. The inmate is informed upon approval of their visitor, and it is their responsibility to notify the approved individual of their visitation status.

Here is a link to the BOP Visitation page of their website to get more details of specific rules, regulations, and availability times. Here is a link for the BOP Visitation Application.

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