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Credit Repair for Ex-Inmates and their Families

This particular section for Credit Repair after your release will become a sufficient resource in your quest to repair your credit to a status where you may secure loans through banks, financial institutions and probably most important is to get a job as most employers check your credit history (as it has long been regarded as a beacon for trustworthiness), too. 
The function of Post InmateAid is to carry the released inmate into society with a real chance to succeed and thus never return to prison.  Having your credit score managed or repaired while you are in prison can be done and since you have some time before your release, it will be easier to keep on top of the letter writing campaigns that are required to accomplish a satisfactory score.

Read the content we have compiled in this section. InmateAid will continue to add more and more resources to this section to give you the very best advise going forward.