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Employment services and resources for inmates - prepare for release from prison

This section is an evolving element within the InmateAid community.  As we have recently launched this information portal, and are still in the development stage for some of the sub-topics in the Post InmateAid section.  This particular section for Employment after your release will become a vast resource in your quest to find a satisfying place to work. 

There are great articles in this section giving positive accounts of ex-convicts creating successful careers with what they learned in prison.  They used their time for to benefit  themselves upon release. 

InmateAid will do its part in offering assistance in accomplishing positive goals.  Inmates prepare for release by getting their mind in the right attitude.  They must expect and be ready for the people that are negative and then have something positive and encouraging to respond with when these encounters occur.  There will be days that this advice seems crazy, but giving up is NOT an option.  We will help you with some things to say, how to write a good resume and from time to time create lists of national companies that are hiring people out of jail.  These companies are aggressively seeking the tax credits they receive by hiring someone who has paid his debt to society and ready to make a change.  We will find these companies and help you apply and get hired, but you HAVE to be diligent and not fear failure.

If you have a business and are interested in hiring people after their release, please contact us through the Business Development link and we will make sure to include you in the process and find you the very best candidates for your opening.