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Inmates Taking College Courses, Getting Degrees

Inmates have a lot of spare time.  An inmate that chooses to occupy their time productively, will have a huge impact on how well they will integrate back into society when their sentence is over.  Many inmates choose to do nothing but play cards and complain that life isn't fair.  The inmate that decides to take control of their future and use this time to make a change can take educational courses that can lead to earning a college degree. 

The university programs we have listed below are available to inmates in prison and typically referred to as "Independent & Distance Learning".  These programs are available and offered by many accredited, well-respected universities.  

You or your loved ones pay for the courses directly to the college.  Their course curriculum and corresponding books are mailed to you. Your work product and testing are overseen and verified by the prison education staff. 

Here are a list of schools that continue to reach out to inmates to provide higher education listed individually in the "Resource" portion of this section.

If you are aware of a college or university that provides courses specifically for inmates, please contact us so that we can update our information.