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Meek Mill Bails Out 20 Women For Holidays

Cindy Ord | Credit: Getty Images for Fanatics

December 24, 2022

Meek Mill and the REFORM Alliance recently celebrated a major milestone in their work to reduce mass incarceration. On Christmas Eve, the organization released 20 women from the Riverside Correctional Facility in Philadelphia. The women, who were unable to pay bail, were released just in time for the holidays and were provided with gift cards to purchase presents or groceries for their families.

Meek Mill is no stranger to the criminal justice system, having spent five months in prison in 2018. His non-profit, founded in 2019 along with Jay-Z, works to reduce mass incarceration. According to the Philadelphia government, there are currently 4,546 people incarcerated in prisons across Philadelphia, with around 6.4% of them women. This move by Meek Mill and the REFORM Alliance gives families a chance to reunite during the holidays and is a heartening step towards reducing mass incarceration.