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Send Books to an Inmate in Prison or Jail

InmateAid has made buying a book for your inmate as easy as a click. We have partnered with Amazon.com, an approved publisher by all state and federal prisons.

Inmates will tell you that boredom is the biggest issue for them to deal with. There is a huge amount of idle time and one of the best ways to occupy one's time and mind is through reading. Even people who were never big readers on the outside can get distracted with a good book. All inmates have interests of some kind and a good story that grabs hold of you can literally help you "escape" from life in prison. Reading relaxes you, reading educates you, reading makes you really think and reading allows you to dream. Browse through their selections and pick out the perfect book.


Amazon.com is one of the ONLY approved methods of sending books into the prison system.  Amazon.com has the latest titles from their favorite authors and you may buy them new or used.  There are many price points to choose from.  Buy a book for your inmate today!!