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Survive Prison

Once you have settled in, faced the reality that this will be your life for the next few years you have to have the mind-set that you will survive!  The pressure before you go in the anticipation is almost worse.  All of the content that you have at your disposal in the sections of InmateAid should give you a sense of all that there is to think about.

You must take what we've prepared you for and hone your most tribal instincts because prison is the "survival of the fittest".  Yes, physically fit is important, but mentally fit is as well.  Learn the dos and don'ts and steer clear of conflict by keeping your mouth shut.  Remember the word, "RESPECT" and take good care not to disrespect any inmate.  The size and shape of the inmate does not matter, there are too many ways to get at someone if they want to.  Prisoners work in teams and will make sure the disrespected pay, even if you are a bad ass weight-lifter or self-professed bad ass, the tiniest inmate will crack your skull with a lock-in-a-sock.  That's all it takes, game over.


We give you a detailed insight into what it is like within the confines of a prison or jail from various points-of-view. These articles and stories were published recently and over the years that will answer most of your questions.

If you have ANY question that you don't yet have an answer to...PLEASE use the "Ask the Inmate" box and we will email you the answer privately or post it in that section on the site to share with other users whom may have similar issues.