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Theranos fraudster Elizabeth Holmes faces her last weekend of freedom before starting her 11-year jail sentence

  • Fraudster set to start her jail term on Thursday despite desperate bids to avoid it
  • Her family begged a judge not to separate Holmes, 38, from her young children 
  • She is expected to end up at a federal female prison offering 'parenting classes' 


She was once the youngest female billionaire in the US and described as the 'next Steve Jobs'.

On May 30th, Elizabeth Holmes may merely be the next inmate to walk through the doors of a federal prison. At her November sentencing, Judge Edward Davila recommended Holmes serve at the Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, TX., the disgraced Theranos founder will end her final weekend as a free woman before she starts an 11-year stint behind bars.

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One of her last-ditch attempts to avoid that fate involved a dossier of self-pity in which her husband, Billy Evans, begged a judge not to separate her from her two children. This week, she again pleaded with Davila to reverse her conviction, claiming it was unjust.

It is a fair assumption, then, that Holmes is spending her final days of freedom with Evans, the heir to a hotel management group, and their two sons.  

Elizabeth Holmes was once the youngest female billionaire in the US and was described as the 'next Steve Jobs' before her spectacular downfall. She is pictured in the documentary 'The Inventor: Out For Blood In Silicon Valley', which detailed Holmes' ambition to revolutionize blood-testing through biotechnology, and the spawn of one of the biggest frauds in Silicon Valley

After Holmes' conviction in January 2022, the couple were living in a $ 135 million Silicon Valley estate in Woodside, California.  

The 74-acre property, which requires around $13,000 in monthly upkeep alone, is a far cry from her probable next dwelling, a shared dormitory in Camp Bryan, as it is known.

There she will be surrounded not by Evans, 30, and two children, but around 540 female inmates convicted of federal white-collar crimes.

Holmes, 38, was convicted of four fraud charges for deceiving investors of $9billion and for bilking thousands of patients with inaccurate and false medical reports.

The Stanford University dropout, who founded Theranos aged 19, duped thousands of patients with bogus claims that her startup could conduct a full range of medical tests using blood from a simple finger prick.

Holmes denied fraud during her trial, which was delayed following the birth of her son William in July 2021. She maintained that she was honest throughout her appeals to investors and others.

Holmes shows 'no remorse', prosecutors said, and she is still desperate to avoid jail.

Her first attempt to dodge it came in an 11th hour bid to sway US District Judge Edward Davila, who was due to sentence her.

On November 17, Holmes' family and friends submitted gushing letters and dozens of photographs to the court.

Among the 137 letters was one from Evans, begging for mercy.

'Dear Judge Davila, My name is Billy Evans, and you hold the life of my partner in your hands,' he began.

'While Liz is incredibly hopeful, I realize she is terribly scared. This process is a string of unlikely events that lawyers, advisors and board members all told her would never come to be,' he said.

After Holmes' conviction in January 2022, she and her family were living in a $135million Silicon Valley estate in Woodside, California