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Universities Offering Inmate College Courses - 2



LIFE College (Lipscomb Initiative for Education)


Richard Goode



Population Served:Women incarcerated at the Tennessee Prison for Women (TPFW). TPFW students were required to have passed the General Educational Development (GED) test, to have a clean behavioral record and to have at least two years left on their sentence.

Program Description:The LIFE (Lipscomb Initiative for Education) Program provides Lipscomb University students an academic and service-learning experience like few others. Up to 30 students each semester enroll in a liberal arts course held on-site at the Tennessee Prison for Women (TPFW) and study alongside 30 incarcerated people of the prison. The mix of students and specifically designed coursework provides academic and character-building benefits for both students at the prison and students from campus.


Inside-Out Program (Nashville)


Janet Wolf


Population Served:People who are incarcerated at the Charles Bass Correctional Complex

Program Description:Sisters Glenda Lingo (Parents in Prison) and Rev. Janet Wolf (American Baptist College) adapted the national Inside-Out curriculum for Tennessee and initiated the first Inside-Out course in the Southeast in 2005. Since then, American Baptist College have followed Lori Pompa’s model for collaborative insider-outside learning (see Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA for more details about the program structure).




Windham School District
P.O. Box 40
Huntsville, TX 77342-0040

Fax: 936-436-4031

Program Description: Windham School District (WSD) provides academic and vocational education to eligible offenders incarcerated within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). Windham operates in the Correctional Institutional Division. WSD is the first education system of such scope to be established within a statewide prison system. Classes are conducted in prison units across the state. The mission of the Windham School District is to provide appropriate educational programming and services to meet the needs of the eligible offender population in TDCJ and reduce recidivism by assisting offenders in becoming responsible, productive members of their communities. Windham provides a variety of academic classes and Career and Technical Education (CTE) to offenders incarcerated in the TDCJ. In addition to WSD programs, the Continuing Education program offers offenders the opportunity to participate in college courses, and recreational activities. WSD operates schools on 90 sites serving TDCJ. Most literacy program participants attended classes 15 hours per week, and most of those participating in CTE programs attended 30 hours per week.

Unique Features: Recognizing the value education has in a correctional setting, the TDCJ was the first government agency in the United States to set up a statewide prison education system.

Population Served: People who are incarcerated within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice- Correctional Institution Division (TDCJ)




Campus Within Walls


Ann Cavan, Regional Principal

Lunenburg Correctional Center