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Visiting Application and FAQ for Visiting an Arizona DOC Inmate

During the intake process, inmates may submit a list of visitors to the staff.  They will fill out form 911-1 which is just a visitation list with a maximum of 20 visitors.  An inmate placing you on this form is just the first step, you will then need to fill out a visitors application and return it to the inmate or proper visiting office depending on the inmate's location.  Here are a few important things you will need to know before you visit:

  • You must fill out an Arizona inmate visitors application.  The application can be printed and mailed to the inmate or can be filled out and submitted online here.
  • Printed applications should be mailed back to the facility with "Attention Visitation Officer" written on the envelope.
  • The application has a $25 fee to perform the background check.  You do not have to pay the fee if the applicant is a minor (under 18), or is the inmate's attorney, or is a court-appointed guardian of the minor who is visiting, or if you are applying for telephone contact only.
  • The application will automatically be denied if the $25 background fee is not paid.
  • Be truthful on your application, if they find out that you have given false information you may be denied visitation.
  • The Arizona Department of Corrections can take up to 60 days to review your application, and you must wait for approval before you visit.
  • If you applied by mail the facility will leave it up to the inmate to inform you of your visitation status, if you applied online you can check your status on the Arizona department of corrections website.
  • Minors must provide a birth certificate and be accompanied by a parent or guardian in order to visit an inmate.
  • If your visiting application is denied you have 10 business days from the date it is denied to appeal, otherwise, you must wait 6 months to re-apply.
  • Inmates can update/change their visiting list every 90 days.
  • In order to visit, you must bring a valid photo state issued ID, such as a drivers license with you.
  • Inmates can have a maximum of 6 visitors at one time, but only if the visiting room is not crowded and there is enough space to accommodate all the visitors.

Additional things you should know and what the visiting process is like in Arizona:

  • Each time you arrive to visitation you are required to register yourself and any minors you are with on the daily visitor sign-in log.
  • While visiting your inmate you may not talk or visit with any other inmates or visitors.
  • Usually, you are alone at a table with your inmate, but under crowded conditions, visitors may have to share a table with another visitor and inmate.
  • Visits can be up to two hours in length unless the visiting room is at maximum capacity.
  • You will be searched when you first enter the facility, by a metal detector, physical pat down, sometimes by dogs or ion scanners. 
  • Your car can also be searched.
  • .You can bring up to $30 in coins for use in the vending machines.
  • If you are bringing a baby to visitation you are allowed to have three clear plastic baby bottles, and sealed unopened juice, formula or milk in a similar size to the bottle.  You are also allowed one diaper per hour of visiting, wipes in a plastic Ziploc bag, one pacifier, one bib, one blanket no larger than 4x4 feet.  All of these items should be in a clear plastic zip lock bag and will be inspected.

Visitors Dress Code for Arizona Prisons

For the safety and security of both the visitors and inmates, correctional institutions impose a strict dress code.  Some of the rules may seem trivial or silly but it is important that you know them and follow them.  Violation of any of these rules is the reason for a denial of visit.  If you are uncertain about something you are going to wear, make sure you bring a change of clothes and leave them in your car.

  • Shoes and clothes must be worn at all times
  • Shorts must be to the knee when standing, jogging shorts, cut off shorts, or hip huggers are prohibited from being worn.
  • Skirts and dresses must come to the knee when standing, slits must not be more than 3 inches above the knee.
  • Swimsuits, sleeveless tops/shirts, tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, or any clothing that exposes your skin is prohibited, this includes mesh and sheer clothing.
  • Do not wear any clothing that exposes your back, midriff, or is cut lower than the collarbone front or back.  Exposed cleavage is prohibited.
  • Any tight clothing or clothing that is meant to accentuate the body such as spandex, leggings etc are prohibited.
  • No hair extensions or clips can be worn.
  • Clothing that resembles uniforms, scrubs, or that has offensive language or pictures is prohibited.

For more information, you can read the Arizona Department of Corrections policy on inmate visitation here.  If you have anything to add about visiting an inmate in Arizona, a question, comment, or experience you want to share with us, please do so by using the form below.