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All Phone Calls - Same Price - No Discounts

## Indiana Department of Corrections: Phone Calls Prison Phone Provider for setting up prepaid accounts: Public Communication Services (PCS) []( Prepaid Rates: $0.24 connect fee plus $.24 per minute *NOTE The above rates do not include any applicable taxes. **A local number is not needed and will not reduce the cost of calls** * **COLLECT**: Calls to certain approved numbers and the call charges will remain the same as they do today on your monthly phone bill. However note that collect calls cannot be made to cell phones, office phones, or hospital numbers. * **PREPAID COLLECT**: PCS's prepaid collect option, [Daily Dial (tm)](, allows a friend or family member to set up a calling account to his or her phone number. Every time calls are made and accepted to a prepaid number, the charges are deducted from the account. Prepaid accounts can be set up for all types of numbers, including cell phones. Friends and family should visit []( or call **888.288.9879** to set up a Daily Dial(tm) account today! * **DEBIT**: Debit calling puts the inmate in control of their phone account. They will be able to purchase debit minutes from the commissary, which they can then use to call friends and family members. Inmates can call any approved phone numbers, including cell phones, which their debit account. Read more: []( The inmate must complete and sign an Offender Telephone List - Inmate Phone Policy "Indiana Code - 11-8-2-5(a)(8), identifying no more than 20 names and the telephone numbers of who could be called. The 20 names are for 20 individuals, regardless of whether they have the same telephone number. There are several ways to receive calls from inmates, including collect, prepaid collect, and inmate debit calls. Inmates have the option of placing collect calls to telephone numbers approved by the correctional facility. Collect calls are billed to the called party every month through their phone carrier company. If you receive a high number of collect calls, you may have reached the billing limit allowed by your local phone company. Once you reach a maximum phone bill amount, you may be at a risk of being blocked from receiving future collect calls from an inmate. In such instances, you can call PCS at 888-288-9879 to sign up for a prepaid calling account and begin receiving calls again. You can sign up for a prepaid calling account today if you experience any of the following: * You have a collect call restriction by your local phone provider * You have exceeded the collect call limit * You are unable to receive inmate calls on your cell phone, office phone, hospital phone or other commercial phone numbers * Your local telephone company does not bill for inmate collect calls * Your phone number is blocked from receiving inmate collect calls * You have a high collect call bill and want to manage your calling budget Please note in order to receive calls to cell phones, inmates must call either prepaid collect or use their inmate debit calling account