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All Phone Calls - Same Price - No Discounts

## Oregon State Prisons - Inmate Phone Calls ### Oregon Department of Corrections: Phone Calls Prison Phone Provider for setting up prepaid accounts: Telmate: Set up prepaid accounts online at the [Telmate website](https://pay.intelmate.com/shop) **Oregon Department of Corrections: Phone Calls** Prison Phone Provider: Telmate is the exclusive service provider for inmate phone calls at all Oregon DOC facilities. You can contact their bi-lingual customer service representatives with any questions at 1.866.516.0115. The first time an inmate calls you using the new Telmate system, you will be asked to enter some basic information that is then confirmed. Once you verify, you will not need to verify again. Additionally, you can verify yourself by setting up a free Telmate account through the [Telmate website](https://pay.intelmate.com/shop) or at any Telmate payment kiosk. If you would like more information on Telmate Verified, [click here to watch](http://www.telmate.com/friends-and-family/video/telmate-verified/) a short video. **No matter what facility an inmate lives in, the phone rates are the same statewide. The flat-rate structure includes all taxes and fees. There will be no additional taxes, no monthly maintenance fees, no bill statement fees and no deposit fees for phone accounts. The rates are:** **Domestic Calls** All calls in the USA Including collect & prepaid **$0.16 / minute** 30 minute call = $4.80 20 minute call = $3.20 5 minute call = $0.80 **International Calls** Including Canada & Mexico Including collect & prepaid **$0.50 / minute** 30 minute call = $15.00 20 minute call = $10.00 5 minute call = $2.50 **Excerpt from the Oregon DOC Website:** Full text available here: http://www.oregon.gov/DOC/GENSVC/faq-its.shtml **Are three-way/conference calls allowed?** The phone system automatically detects instances of three-way calls and conference calls. Suspected three-way calls are flagged for review by a customer service representative, and if they are confirmed as a three-way call, a fee of $25 is assessed. **Am I allowed to forward calls?** Forwarding occurs any time a call is passed on to another location/number without the original destination remaining actively connected. This includes using phone forwarding features, phone company rerouting, rerouting services provided by outside companies, and similar services provided by VOIP phone providers. **Forwarded calls are treated the same as three-way/conference calls. If a forwarded call is confirmed, a fee of $25 is assessed.**