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Orleans County NY Jail

Orleans County NY Jail that publishes the names of inmates currently in custody at their facility.InmateAID makes it easy for you to find the inmate you are looking for by narrowing results to the facility you’ve selected. If this is not the correct facility, or you would like to search for your inmate against the entire InmateAID prison database, click here. For best results in finding your desired inmate at this facility, follow the steps below.

How to search for an inmate:

1. Use the first search box below to see if you can find the inmate you are searching for. This will allow you to see all inmates that match the name you entered in the facility listed above.

You will need the offender's first and last name and it must be spelled exactly, any mispellings will lead to inaccurate results.For best results, enter the inmate’s ID number provided by the facility.

2. If you cannot find your inmate in the Orleans County NY Jail search above, you can use the arrest record search below, which will allow you to search all police records (arrest/criminal), mugshots, social media, photos, background checks, contact Information and more.

If neither of these options work for you, you can try the official prison’s locator through the Orleans County NY Jail inmate search. Once you find your inmate, you can utilize one of the many services InmateAID offers to connect with them. InmateAID offers postcards and greeting cards for only $0.99, discount phone lines that can save you $100s each month and a letter service that lets you upload photos and write messages to your inmate right from your cell phone.