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Reliance Telephone System

Reliance Telephone System charges about $7.50 per 15-minute call from the jail. We can save you $4.35 per phone call with a phone number matched to the lowest rate offered (if yours is not already at the lowest price). Folks that speak to their inmate several times a month will benefit greatly. However, if you are speaking once a month, this is not for you.

Instant activation, there are no contracts and the service is month-to-month, you get up to 1000 discounted minutes per month on the cheaper line (no-rollover minutes). But, you will have to place funds in Reliance or your inmate's commissary account to get the $4.35 per-call savings.

You can add money to this account online at MoneyGram (code 3019) or at the kiosk in the visiting room using the number provided by InmateAid. With our Discount Service, your inmate will get more calls for their money.

COST COMPARISON - Why this makes sense...

15 minutes call to your number is about $7.50 

15 minutes call to OUR number is about $3.15

1000 long distance mins (67 calls) will cost you either $502 per month or $211.00 a month - depending on YOUR number

InmateAid costs $19.95 to save $291.00 PER MONTH 

YOU SAVE  $3,498.00 per year

*All facilities are slightly different in their tariff structure. If we can't save you money, we will not issue a number
**Rate calculator available on the Telmate website to verify savings

How do I put money on my inmate's phone account at the prison?

Click on the MoneyGram link and select RELIANCE TELEPHONE SYSTEM (3019)​  - add your inmate's name and ID number ONLY using the InmateAid number we provided. Each call will be $3.00 vs. $6.00